Journalists Condemn And Conflate #GamerGate And #DNCLeaks
(Last Updated On: October 12, 2016)

In a strange twist, some people are standing against WikiLeaks’ decision to release thousands of Democratic National Convention related e-mails because they feel as if WikiLeaks has taken on a racist guise while being propped up and championed by an army contained of #GamerGate supporters. That’s a narrative slowly being trumpeted and paraded around by some journalists on social media.

If you’re wondering why the DNC Leaks seems to have come and gone like a spark in a dark room instead of fireworks on the Fourth of July, it’s because the media seems intent on glossing over it as a talking point that bridges toward more demonizing of Donald Trump and praising of Hillary Clinton.

Regardless of where you stand on the political spectrum, there’s been a very clear bias in the way the media has been covering Senator Sanders, as well as POTUS hopefuls Clinton and Trump. Even now, in the face of e-mails that revealed that the DNC were clearly partial in pushing Clinton to win the primaries, as reported by CNN.

The fallout has at least been significant enough to force the DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, not to speak at the Democratic National Convention in a bid to “keep the peace”.

Despite the e-mails clearly revealing that there was a lot of backroom subterfuge and bureaucratic collusion to undermine Sanders’ run for President, the talk of some journalists was still about underplaying the leaks by pinning the blame on anti-Semitism and #GamerGate talking points.

Upworthy writer Parker Molloy labeled WikiLeaks as a group converging on “alt-right gamer MRAs”, tweeting the following…

Washington Post writer and contributor Daniel Drezner called them a “badly flawed organization” but didn’t really explain why. It was followed up with a tweet from developer Alex Quirk who conflated #GamerGate and the strawman organization “BernieBros”…

Former Escapist contributor Bob Chipman also chimed in to take shots at Trump supports, Sanders supporters, and Wikileaks, posting a series of tweets targeting nerd culture and the alt-Right Conservatives, stating…

“Alt-right dweebs are for Trump (or for StillSanders/Stein/Johnson, same thing) because they think if the world ends they’ll be Immortan Galt


”Does that describe a fair portion of the Wikileaks army, even as WL has actively done good in the past? Probly, yeah – just look at Assange.”

In a later conversation, some of Chipman’s critics questioned why people like him continue to defend Clinton while demonizing those who criticize her, comparing it to the fallout surrounding the early days of the GamerGate hashtag when a female developer was involved with Kotaku’s Nathan Grayson, where he was reporting about the developer without disclosing romantic and financial ties. This eventually led to the massive blow-up of #GamerGate that spanned global media coverage.

Even in the early days of #GamerGate, Chipman was still very much against exposing corruption in the press, just the same as he was against standing by the fight for better ethics in media journalism. Chipman acknowledged the tweet stating that the comparison was not wrong.

It didn’t end there. Former Polygon writer and current freelance journalist Russ Pitts also chimed in on Twitter, mocking the call for better ethics in journalism, writing…

“That new hashtag about ethics in journalism seems to have a lot of abuse mixed in. Reminds me of- *MANY ABUSIVE TWEETS LATER* Um … so, yeah.


“I’m not saying that proves the connection/similarity to gator grape. But I’m also not not saying that. My feed is literally nothing but random hate and personal insults since mentioning the DNC Leaks hashtag.


“Oh right, I forgot it’s about ethics. Cool. Glad we all had this talk.”

The conflation of #GamerGate and the #DNCLeaks seems frivolous at best and a disservice to the public at worst.

There are even reports that Twitter has been attempting to censor and shadowban the spread of the DNC e-mail leaks to keep discussion at a minimum, as reported by the Washington Examiner.

The fact that the e-mails point toward the Democratic National Committee attempting to rig the convention and put into the White House who they want through underhanded means points to a serious problem in American politics. The added fact that the media played a role in these tactics is an explicit affront to the supposed goal of neutral reporting.

What’s worse is that some journalists would avoid conceding that there is a serious issue with media corruption and would rather hand-wave the whole thing away as a #GamerGate harassment campaign, or downplay the issue and focus on the integrity of how WikiLeaks portrays the content on Twitter, as opposed to actually signaling the fact that the DNC is dishonest in how it operates.

This is literally the process in which we democratically choose who governs the entire nation, and the leading committee of one of the major parties in the nation has been found to be using underhanded tactics to discredit a candidate… and journalists would rather scoff because people concerned about ethics in journalism are championing WikiLeaks for spreading the news.

The reality of the situation is that the exposure of this corruption and the irresponsibly lackadaisical response from some media industry personalities and institutions seem to say more about the climate of corruption than anything contained within the actual e-mail leaks.

(Main image courtesy of Bruce is The Batman)

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  • anopolis

    my favorite part, was at the onset of all this they kept crying Russia only released all this to help trump. Ok, true or not, ME don’t care how or who released them. Those assclowns are dirty as hell, corrupt as can possibly be..and all around just not very nice. So why should I care about anything else? Its a shitty attempt at misdirection. they’re throwing brown stains on the wall hoping something/anything sticks. People belong in prison, people with vaginas…I think….hell…I’m not sure whats down there.

  • Alistair

    I did some digging myself & found this in a post John Thomson censoring of games era.

    I ask a question what trump views if any about video games is the result.

    • draconian139

      Trump made a single tweet directly after Sandy Hook when all of the media networks were blaming it on video games. He wasn’t a politician at the time, didn’t actually attempt any action, and hasn’t mentioned it since. Meanwhile Clinton actually tried to make legislation. The two are nowhere near equivalent.

      • C G Saturation

        I’m pretty certain that if Wikileaks posted GOP mails that painted Trump in a bad light, Facebook, Twitter and Google would not be trying to ban/block everyone from seeing them, like they are desperately trying to do with the DNC.

        That’s one example of a big difference between them. I’d list more, but I’d probably end up putting myself at risk. Don’t you just love that “free speech”?

      • Alistair

        Fair point but it doesn’t mean he has no agenda when it comes to video games in general when indeed he stay silent about that is well good.

        But sometime down the line we going to discuss this again. another question when NA Vote the one for president do they announced they planes, in UK We do it their policy for the next 4/5 years.

        • draconian139

          It doesn’t mean he has an agenda on them either, I think its more likely that he doesn’t particularly care one way or the other about them.

          In terms of if they announce their supposed policy, they do but they’re in no way bound by it and many times do the exact opposite. Not sure if that’s the case in the UK or not.

  • Michael P

    I remember the days when I thought some politicians actually gave a shit about anything other than money but I love being old enough now to realise that both political parties are completely corrupt and ultimately serve the same people. Saves me a lot of time really.

    Whoever you vote for, you’ll still end up with a muppet. They’re all useless.

    I am rooting for Trump though because the triggering will be swift, brutal and lulzy.

    • Alistair

      If trump is elected the triggering will be swift brutal and long lasting.

    • C G Saturation

      That’s because they got rid of all the “good” politicians. It comes with being one of few good people in a growing swarm of assholes. They gang up to crush you and ensure they are the only ones in power.

      My childhood was like that, too. It didn’t matter that I tried to be the nicest person and excelled at many things. I wasn’t the right skin color, so they did what they could to isolate and destroy me. Idiots whining about racism nowadays don’t care about the real victims of racism.

    • Smug

      “I am rooting for Trump though because the triggering will be swift, brutal and lulzy.”

      The happening will be there
      Believe it.

  • Maniate

    It’s deja vu all over again.

  • wcg

    So, Wikileaks is a flawed organization because they leak information that doesn’t fit the regressive agenda? Stringing Gamergate and DNC Leaks together is incredulous except I shouldn’t be surprised.

    I think this is another example of the PC types not necessarily being left or right of the political spectrum. As a leftie, I despise political correctness and never considered it to be part of the “ideology.” The fact these types are willing to turn on Bernie and his supports tells volumes. They’d vote for a corrupt woman president over any other option.

  • Deckard Cain

    It’s ALL of the media.

    Even Fox News won’t report on it accurately.

    I’m angry and ready to do something about it.

  • Alistair

    Does this also ring a bell do you remember the gamers are dead in journalism articles before GG Come about. A consumer revolt that journalism are attacking its own readers.

    Now they latch on something esle and again attacking its own readers funny that isnt it they never learn.

    Even if you show them proof they wont listen to reason.

  • Nanya


    At this point, something’s got to give.

    There’s a dam that’s holding back a huge wave of frustration from the populous.

    I feel it’s about to burst and burst hard.

  • Benjamin Peters

    Shit’s just making me sick at heart by this point. It’s clear there is no more law enforcement happening anymore anywhere at all for a certain class of people.

    It really does feel like we’re approaching endgame.

  • Alistair

    Well this will be intreasting to see how this play out. Whoever wins in November we are in for a bumpy ride.

    They called trump last night on radio he a monster and people are more likey to listen to him then listen to what Hilary has to to say.

    You know why that is if people lives is in turnoil example job loses, benefits cuts especially here in the UK Do you support a party that favor that. Or do you want a out spoken for telling what it is.

    & trump is out spoken he speaks his mind but what if he president what his views on the videogame industry.

    We all know what Hilary views on videogame industry as she once tried to get games banned a SJWs parlor trick.

    So either way we are screwd as gamers the only ones who be please are SJWs cucks and white knights who defends them.

  • durka durka

    I dont have the tolerance for bullshit to read all of this but, wikileaks, julian assange’s site who are buddies with slavoj zizek are “racist”

    Sanders supporters are siding with the alt right….LOL WUT?


    Are these people serious?

    • Apparently Bernie’s “Socialism” is closer to alt-Right “Fascism” in the mind of these journalists. How they managed to make that leap in logic is absolutely beyond me.

      • C G Saturation

        By subscribing to Sarkeesianism, the textbook of logic leaping.

  • giygas

    It’s no use deflecting it this time. The cat’s out of the bag. Trump and the legions of pissed off Bernie supporters will make sure everybody knows about it.

    • C G Saturation

      In before another mass shooting, and then everyone will forget again.

      • giygas

        A mass shooting might change the subject for about a week at most. And there are a lot of weeks between now and November. This information isn’t going away any time soon and it’s only a preview of what’s to come.

        • C G Saturation

          Lately, it feels like they’ve gone into “distraction overdrive”. One distraction after another.

          • giygas

            Too late for a distraction now. Large scale protests are happening before the DNC convention has even started. Even hardcore progressive rags like the goddamn Huffington Post and MSNBC are outraged.

            Get your popcorn ready.

      • Gerg Arata

        Living outside the US really changes your definition of “safe” 0 mass shootings/terrorism where im living now. It’s pretty nice

    • The ‘woman-card’ is getting ever so fucking tiresome now.

      When the fat sack of faeces says that, does he even realize that making it a gender issue and wanting Hillary Clinton to be president purely on the basis that she is a woman is clearly sexist and discriminatory against men in the first place?

      It’s Movie Bob, so I guess not. Fat sack of shit will be a fat sack of shit.

      • Alistair

        Moviebob is a hypocrisy white knight if any person questions a woman or favors one it be called out as sexist. A woman response sometimes is dont flatter me would consider that as sexist.

        The same respone “you be better in the kitchen” be consider a sexist. how about this when a woman got fired from sport “go home and have a baby”

      • Smug

        The same reason people voted Obama (twice) because he was just black.

        Despite this guy made everything worse in America, such as Common Core education, economy, medical expenses, more racial tensions, transgender bullshit, opening borders for rapefugees, defending islam at all cost, etc.

  • C G Saturation

    The way the media has been treating Trump reeks of the exact same methods they used to smear GamerGate – assocating him with rape, racism, sexism, Putin, etc. So it’s not surprising that the same media is trying to tie GamerGate to leaks about the DNC/Clinton cronyism, nepotism, etc. Exact same tactics to try and misdirect from their criminal activity.

    It just amazes and saddens me that there are still so many who fall for such blatant lies and simple trickery. Do they not feel ashamed that they’re being led by the nose like dumb sheep, and that their opinion isn’t even their own?

    When GamerGate happened, many people seemed to argue that it didn’t matter, because they didn’t see the importance of dealing with issues like nepotism, cronyism, ethics and corruption.

    You know why? Because nearly everything in the U.S. is jam-packed with those exact same issues. GamerGate is just one example. People see everyone around them doing dirty shit without punishment, so they think to themselves, “What’s wrong with it? It’s normal.”

    • Alistair

      I ask this what did he say about games he didnt say anything that doest make him a anti games like Clinton is, she didnt say anything of games i think in her many speeches the fact remains she did quoted about them be against her.

      It doest matter if trump didnt say anything about the videogame industry the taste is in the pubbing when he president then we will see his views or not.

    • Si vis pacem, para bellum.

    • Alistair

      Never mind your silence speak loud as indeed you forget to mention trump & Clinton is no difference between them. so my stance still stands us gamers are screwed.

      • C G Saturation

        On one hand, you have the DNC arbitrarily deciding who will win, and conspiring to get rid of the others, against the will of the people.

        On the other hand, you have the GOP desperately trying to find ways to get rid of Trump, against the will of the people.

        Of course, it could all just be a big, fake show. Regardless, this much is obvious: voting doesn’t seem to matter, the assholes on top pick whoever the hell they want.

        I don’t have any faith in the system, anyway. For every system, there are always assholes trying to find an easy way on top. And once they get on top, they do everything they can to stay there and prevent anyone else from reaching them.

    • “It just amazes and saddens me that there are still so many who fall for such blatant lies and simple trickery. Do they not feel ashamed that they’re being led by the nose like dumb sheep, and that their opinion isn’t even their own?”

      The average person in the Western societies are just brainless knuckle-dragging drones who just swallow every dollop of faeces the mainstream media feeds them.

      These people do not look up nor research deeply into the facts and actions about BLM, modern feminism, the wage gap, Zoe Quinn, [email protected] culture, etc., so when the mainstream media tells them that GamerGate is a misogynistic hate movement, they immediately believe it. That’s the power of of mainstream media.

      So when a feminist/woman cries “sexism”, these people will immediately think: “poor women, they have it so tough in this world, absolute disgrace that there’s so many misogynistic men”

      They will NEVER EVER think: “hmm, there’s sure a lot of this sexism against women stuff going on, I might want to hear the man’s side of the story as well before I judge”

      And that is how the white-knights / manginas / male feminists are created. Protect women all all costs, demonize men no matter what.

      • Alistair

        Hmmm I wonder what other women thinks of femmists & faminazis that not either of them. Properly on the line of “well thanks for making us look stupid and weak we all are weak”

        Because that what SJWs feels weak-Minded “boo hoo you meanies for picking on us you sexist misogynist lot.

        Instead of whining they should have some backbone and do what of people do. They dont like sexist treatment of women in games right.

        Here a free advice For them from yours truly Me. Get to gather > discuss > plan > Kickstarter > & Good luck to to you all.

        That is a normal respone they keep pushing they agenda upon us what they should be doing is what zoe quinn is doing.

        But still she has time to lash out too it surprising she makes games on time.

        So in the end everyone is happen its a free market so USE IT SJWs. That my challenge for them.

        If there are people that like they stuff good on them but by the latest comic that wanted new readers, they had social justice in the comic that was a perfect time for femmist femminazi to read ever happy.

        but didn’t end up buying it so it getting canned. Why refuse to buy a comic that presses all the right buttons?

        • “Hmmm I wonder what other women thinks of femmists & faminazis that not either of them. Properly on the line of “well thanks for making us look stupid and weak we all are weak”

          Actually you’re wrong. The vast majority of other women will be thinking “thank you feminism for screwing over men and benefiting us women”.

          A lot of women who claim to be “against” feminism is just a face. Deep down, they enjoy the benefits of what feminism has brought to them. For example in the Western society:

          – women have more rights than men
          – the bias against men in the divorce, family, custody and law courts
          – the social bias against men
          – the non-existent wage gap
          – how women are believed when they cry [email protected] and the accused is demonized immediately without evidence
          – how men’s rights issues are completely shut down and silenced by feminists
          – sexual harassment of men by women are seen as a joke and laughed off

          All of the above are feminist-influenced values, and they are the most biased and misandrist values you will ever see. Yet we virtually never see ‘other women’ speak out against this and try to rectify the bias. So that should tell you what women REALLY think about feminism.

          Always remember that women act as a collective by nature, and they do not have to be a feminist in order to hold feminist values.
          They don’t give a toss about men or “equality” deep down.

          • Alistair

            But they are women in the Ganergate consumer revolt been told by femmist they are sock puppets censorship takes no prisoners it effects every-one that plays games male & females so they no females play’s ecchi titles games. I doubt that the case I bet they do though.

            they won’t even touch COD because it’s a man game no i hear the woman voice on twitch. Playing COD the only women that pushing the agenda is femmist & third wave femmist. They call everyone out that they don’t see eye to eye.

            Now Others says That UK has gone like others go down the wrong path like Canada a regressive way that BS if that the case every echhi game, HENTAI website would be flagged up & close down heavy rain a 15 rating game uncensored by UK rating board the game farahight was 15 uncensored while in NA type same game was given a AO that was still censored till now uncensored with a M rating.

            It the NA that use to be regressive take Clinton, Jack Thomson tried to get games banned ESRB tell them No.

            it is true we have our fair share of SJWs dumdnuts tried to get our games banned PEGI told them get lost. But we & NA are not like Germany, South Korea & Australia they are so regression that every game get censored by a rating board then Devs self censored the games or in Australia case get a outright banned.

            & then you get this jewel in the crown women no longer can cry out they time are up.


            That is fair now women can no longer live the good life as gold diggers only UK had done this.

            Edit: still no sign of that sexist label that UK & France want into law.

          • Yeah. To be fair I was rambling on about the gender wars of Western society rather than GamerGate and video games.

            So if you felt I took it too far away from the video game side of things I apologize.

            But I do think the two (Western gender wars and GamerGate) are linked. Both are situations where you have feminists infesting and dictating how things should be and the anti-feminists/anti-SJWs fighting against them.

  • Hawk Hopper

    People in the media do not want the media to be better. Any time there is a scandal showing how corrupt and biased the media is, there is an army of media shills and media types that come out. They don’t provide evidence that the media is on the up and up, they just scream “racists!” They also include screaming things like “gamergaters”, “MRAs”, “antisemites”.

    It’s almost like the media isn’t about facts or being correct, it’s about narratives and being told by those in power what to report on.

    • C G Saturation

      That’s because the same corrupt assholes own the media. Corrupt assholes have spent a long time slowly extending their tendrils over everything. We’re likely nearing their “end-game”.

    • Ghost

      Easier than doing actual research, investigating, and reporting.