King Of Fighters XIV Team Psycho Trailer Whips Out The Psychic Projectiles
Team Psycho

SNK Playmore released the latest trailer for King of Fighters XIV as they wind down towards the game’s official release on the PlayStation 4 this August. The latest trailer highlights the young psychics led by Athena, Team Psycho.

PlayStation Lifestyle took note of the latest King of Fighters XIV trailer that went live, along with a few of the details on the Psycho soldiers, including Athena Asamiya, the J-Pop star, Sie Kensou the kung-fu kid who at one point was trying to unlock his inner dragon abilities, and their master Chin Gentsai, the drunken psychic who has been by their side since the beginning. You can check out the trailer below.

The trailer starts with Athena, rolling out her psychic attacks. She’s always been the one to focus more on projectiles than her other psychic teammates. We see those projectiles in full display as she shoots them, uses them defensively and applies them to her super special.

Chin is the same as usual. We see him utilizing his classic kung-fu techniques against Tong while taking a sip from his bottle and continually ramps up his power by drinking more and more, similar to his ability in King of Fighters XIII.

Kensou is a nice mix between the two, offering players plenty of projectiles just like Athena but with the actual martial arts technique from Chin. Many of Sie’s moves from the previous games make a return, and he also gets a new super combo that looks pretty cool. His new getup is also a nice touch, keeping it young and playful while also giving him room to exercise his kung-fu technique.

King of Fighters XIV is available for pre-order right now and there’s also a free, playable demo that you can grab from the PlayStation store. You can look for King of Fighters XIV to go live starting August 23rd, exclusively for the PlayStation 4.


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