Krai Mira RPG Sees Players Surviving In A Post-Apocalyptic Mutant Wasteland

Developer Rost recently put out an isometric, post-apocalyptic survival RPG called Krai Mira. It has a visual aesthetic similar to the original Fallout games from the 1990s, with combat that seems similar to a real-time CRPG.

The Russian-made game sees players starting off in a small village named Quiet Bay. Players will first take on a mission to warn innocent villagers of approaching cannibal gangs, and the story continues to expand from there. It’s an interesting premise that reminds me of the start of Metro 2033, which saw gamers having to venture to other settlements to warn them about the rise of mutant attacks.

In this case, players will travel around, battling against various mutants, monsters, ravagers, gangs and cannibals, collecting items and resources, using “nuts” as currency and battling it out across a post-apocalyptic world. You can see what the game looks like in action with the trailer below.

Oh, well will you look at that… a slot machine for gambling? It’s one of the few instances of video game gambling that won’t get the FTC, an Attorney General or Valve to come knocking at your door with fines, C&D letters or lawsuits.

There are additional mini-games scattered around the world, along with all sorts of random battle encounters and destroyed buildings to explore and gather supplies from.

The combat system has two separate design options available. One is designed to be similar to the old Fallout or Jagged Alliance games; you’ll have action points designated to your character that will be expended on each round. However, they also have a real-time option available so players can duke it out without taking turns.

Krai Mira is currently available through its official website or you can download a copy from for $3.75. I’m a little shocked that the game hasn’t made its way to Steam, but it’s possible that it’s on the to-do list of the developers.

[Correction: The game is available on Steam from Talltech Studio. You can pick up a copy from the Steam store for $14.99]


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