Lawbreakers Trailer Highlights The Mid-Air Assassin Antics

The law enforcers and the breakers of the law continue to duke it out in the promotional trailers for the upcoming Lawbreakers. The latest trailer covers the Assassin and their abilities within the first-person competitive shooter.

The trailer starts off by showing some swinging and grappling action, with players moving fast and furiously through the levels using a grappling hook. We then see how you can latch the grappling hook on to opponents and then slashing them to bits while in mid-air.

You can check out the trailer below, which is snappy and short, clocking in at only 35 seconds.

After spending the first 15 seconds introducing the Assassin and showcasing the grapple and sword attacks, we then see a brief shot of the Assassin using a long range rifle to snipe someone out of mid-air during a mid-swing. It’s an impressive clip despite being pretty short.

From what I’ve seen of Lawbreakers it hasn’t really been enough to convince me that it’s the sort of game that will really standout from the current crop of first-person shooters on the market.

It’s a hard market to break through at the moment because of a lack of innovation and a lot of the copycat clones flooding genre. That’s not to mention that the overabundance of future themed FPS games with samey concepts and indistinguishable gameplay has most definitely tempered the expectations and thrills from most communities.

Nevertheless, if there’s something really unique about Lawbreakers then hopefully they can find a way to really make it shine through. At the moment Overwatch is the game to beat, despite the fact that there isn’t a whole lot of gameplay there to beat. Good characterization, a compelling world and solid gameplay can definitely make up for what Overwatch promises.

You can learn more about Lawbreakers, the character classes, the levels and the gravity mechanics by visiting the official website.


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