Little King’s Story Set To Hit PC Via Steam On August 5th

Little King’s Story will launch for PC through Steam and will be a fully remastered, high-def version of the Wii U iteration. This will take place five days from now on August 5th, which Marvelous’ work will be published by XSeed Games.

Yup, the original Wii U version will be playable in the next five days on PC. The game will cost $24.99 respectively, and will launch with a special 10% off deal that will last for the first week. As such, the game will also arrive fully remastered, with high-definition graphics. If you don’t know what Little King’s Story is about, you can read its official description below:

“Once upon a time, a little boy from our world found himself in another, more mystical world where a magical crown made him ruler over a floundering kingdom called Alpoko. You are this little boy, and it’s your duty to make Alpoko great…so you can then expand its dominion and take over the world!”

Furthermore, you will be able to construct buildings and break surrounding obstacles that stand in your way — much like any other building game. Collecting resources and expanding your Kingdom will be essential to your plan, which betters, well… yourself.

Unique NPCs will also hold individual likes, dislikes and other characteristics that evolve based on daily events.

Moreover, interactive quests lay ahead that increase your reputation and further the noble name of Alpoko. Showing a nice glimpse of what Little King’s Story has to offer, thanks to XSeed Games‘ YouTube channel, the official trailer sits below for your viewing pleasure.

I don’t know if this is just me or if the PC version actually has some frame-rate issues. Others noticed it too, which isn’t a good sign, but hopefully that’s addressed on release.

Anyways, the game will launch for PC via Steam on August 5th, and will run a 10% off deal. To learn more about Marvelous’ game, you can head on over to Steam.


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