Lost Soul Aside Trailer Reveals True Devil May Cry Successor

Yang Bing’s Lost Soul Aside is a fast-paced, hack-and-slash action game being developed in the Unreal Engine 4. The game is beautifully animated and showcases just how much creativity indie developers can explore and exhibit with today’s advanced software technology and toolsets.

A gameplay trailer was released clocking in at five and a half minutes, showcasing some cinematics, the high-end model work and some breathtaking animations. Words simply cannot describe the quality of the combat that you’ll witness in the video below. Take a look.

Much like Devil May Cry the game allows you to string together some incredibly complex combos. No only that but the game has some gorgeous graphics to be an indie project. We get to see a lot of really awesome effects on display that are rarely taken advantage of in the Unreal Engine 4 due to the limited capabilities of the home consoles. For instance, there are a lot of special effects where we get to see the volumetric particle effects from the Unreal Engine 4 at work. There are also lots and lots of high-quality explosions and screen processing Blueprints being employed that’s like a visual cornucopia of special effects.

The enemy AI is no pushover either. We see in a few scenes that they will give gamers a real tough time, shooting and slashing and dodging out of the way. This is part of what makes Lost Soul Aside look so fun and dynamic – enemies that don’t relent and force players to adapt and utilize their skills for truly fast-paced combat. It’s a very different approach to what Ninja Theory took with their Devil May Cry reboot, which was designed more-so for casuals.

Yang Bing appears to want a true spiritual successor to Devil May Cry where technique, timing and reflexes are key when engaged in combat.

Lost Soul Aside

Dodging, pop-up attacks, aerial combos and dash cancels all seem to be present here, so it looks like if you’re in the mood for a game with a lot of technical gameplay mechanics Lost Soul Aside might be right up your alley.

While the voice acting is kind of weak and the story doesn’t look like anything special, the combat, graphics and gameplay look like they’re knocked far out of the park. And at the end of the day, good gameplay trumps all.

You can keep track of Yang Bing’s project by hitting up the Unreal Engine forums and seeing what progress he’s making on the project or drop by his official Facebook page. A lot of commenters on the YouTube page are hoping that the game comes to the Xbox One and PS4; if it does, expect a lot of downgrades if it wants to maintain 60fps above 900p.


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