Marvel Ultimate Alliance’s Broken PC Port Will Get Fixed Soon

Marvel Games creative director Bill Rosemann recently tweeted out that the team who ported over the Marvel Ultimate Alliance games would be returning to the PC version in order to make some changes…. mostly in regards to some much needed fixes and bug squashes.

Blues picked up the news from Rosemann’s Twitter account, where he assured fans that they were working on the fixes and that the DLC and corrections would be released soon.

If you check the Steam store page the reviews for the game are all mostly negative. Why? Because there are issues with the controls, issues with the graphics, issues with the game crashing and other problems all around spawned from poor port control.

Zoe Mode was in charge of getting the two Marvel Ultimate Alliance games on PC, and things didn’t turn out so well. The real slap to the face is in the fact that the re-release is being sold with both games for $59.99.

The price tag and poor porting led YouTubers like TotalBiscuit to take a dig at the game in a 14 minute long video.

As pointed out by somecallmejimmy, the negative reviews are from “port conversion butthurt”, these customers with legitimate grievances…

“I read reviews and I realized what I thought was port conversion butt hurt was actually glitches. The game froze, controls seemed to switch on me (sometimes when I changed a command’s key, it wouldn’t switch over) and sometimes when i moved the camera, I lost control.


“If feels like they released this port without even looking at it. Don’t buy!“

Now that Rosemann and crew is on the job, I wonder how long it’ll be before the two Marvel Ultimate Allinace games are properly playable?


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