Monster Hunter Generations: How To Beat The Tetsucabra Boss

One of the village Urgent quests is to take on the “Tusked Tantrum” mission, this is the main boss mission for the second village in Monster Hunter Generations. You’ll have to face off against the Tetsucabra in its lair.

YouTuber EmiruTheKnight has a near 40 minute video up where he battles with the rampagaing beast, offering gamers a look at how they can take on the hardened beast in a no-holds-barred battle. You can check out the video below.

Its back is quite armored, so trying to do jump attacks against the Tetsucabra isn’t very effective. However, attacking its legs and tail is very effect. Slash on the legs to get it to flip over and then proceed to attack its underbelly.

It’ll flop and flip around after it’s been turned over. Just make sure you stay out of its face. So long as you continue to attack it from behind or on its side you can do serious damage. It will attempt to use rocks to smash you by picking them up with its mouth. As mentioned, keep out of the direct line of sight and continue to hack and slash at its legs and tail.

After doing enough damage the Tetsucabra will scurry off to a new area of the map. Chase after it and keep up the attack.

If you manage to get on its back, keep hacking and slashing away while it trashes around. Usually it’ll attempt to leave that area and travel elsewhere to recuperate. Stay on it and don’t let it get away.

Monster Hunter Generations - Tusked Tantrum

One thing to note about the Tetsucabra is that it will diminish the strength of your weapon considerably. Be sure to bring enough whet stones with you into battle and don’t be afraid to move to a different area to repair your weapon’s strength and integrity during the fight with the Tetsucabra.

It’s a battle of attrition for the most part, and durability will play a large role in how effective you are against the hardened lizard-like beast.

It’s about a 10 minute fight, and if you have the mobility to get in and stay in close to its legs and tail, you may not fare too badly. If you decide to go long range just make sure you have enough stamina to stay out of its direct line of sight and you can fire off shots at its lower body to get it to flip over.

Tetsucabra is a boss battle of endurance, so if you can hold out you can win.

Monster Hunter Generations is available right now for the Nintendo 3DS.


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