Monster Hunter Generations: Story Quests List

Capcom’s Monster Hunter Generations has made its way to the West recently for the Nintendo 3DS. The game is already off to a strong start with garnering the attention of gamers and getting them neck deep into hunting monsters and crafting gear.

The key story quests that progress the game forward aren’t always made explicitly clear. Oftentimes players will simply need to do the quests in order to figure out which ones are required to move forward in the main story. Well, there’s a video guide to help explain key quests and how they can affect your progress in Monster Hunter Generations.

Youtuber Gaijin Hunter put together a near 10 minute video explaining how the key quests work in Monster Hunter Generations and what you should look out for when attempting to complete them in order to head to the next segment or area in the game.

The time stamps for the village quests are listed below.

Village 1: 1:16
Village 2: 2:19
Village 3: 3:00
Village 4: 4:09
Village 5 Kokoto: 4:57
Village 5 Pokke: 6:25
Village 5 Yukumo: 6:55
Village 5: 7:34
Village 6: 7:55

Gaijin explains that you don’t have to complete every quest in every village in order to beat the game. Yes, you will most certainly miss out on a lot of items, bonus armor, special weapons and important buffs if you don’t complete the extra side missions, but if the only thing you care about is getting to the credits, then there here are the key quests you need to complete the game.

For the first village you’ll need to complete:
Find the Ferns
A Fungal Hunt
Wipe Out!
Another Pack Attack

Urgent quest:
Vaulting Outlaw

The urgent quests unlock new villages and new arts for the weapons. So they’re important… especially since they’re called “Urgent quests”.

For the second village you’ll need to complete the following missions in order to progress:
Rambunctious Rhenoplos
Hermit Grab
Gendrome Roadblock
The Land Sharq

Urgent quest:
Tusked Tantrum

The third village quests include:
The Desert Gourmand
Crustacean Frustration
Stomping Grounds
Tumultuous Sprouts (you’re not supposed to fight the monster in the Tumultuous Sprouts, simply run away from it)
Current Events
Robbed Blind

Urgent quest:
The Nocturnal Enchanter

The fourth village includes the following story quests that need to be completed in order to move to the next village:
Wrath of the Rathian
Serpentine Samba
Hungry Eyes
Lurking in the Murk
Crustacean Infatuation (keep in mind that for this quest you’re supposed to capture the monster not kill it)

Urgent quest:
The Dark Age

The fifth village requires completing missions at previous villages in order to progress the story.
Kokoto requires you to head back to village 2 and complete the quest Slay the Velociprey and the Hunt Down the Velocidrome.

You’ll need to then head to village 3 and complete the quest Local Threat. While still in village 3, you’ll also need to complete Into The Wyvern’s Den. From there head back to village 5 and complete The Thunderclap Wyvern quest.

While still in village 5 you’ll need to take on the Pokke quest, and then proceed to village 2 to complete the quest Slay the Giaprey and The Mountain Roughrider.

Head to village 3 and complete the quests The Shadow in the Mountains and No Go On The Popo.

Head back to village 5 to complete the quest The Unwavering Colossus.

For the third major village 5 quest, Yukumo, you’ll need to head back to village 2 to complete Bye Bye Jaggia and Arzuros the Azure Beast.

This unlocks two more quests in village 3 called Real Spit Take and A Forest Fracas.

After completing those you’ll then need to finish up The Entrancing Water Dancer in village 5.

From there you’ll be able to complete the main village 5 quests, including:
The King, Robed in Smoke
Fight or Uragaan!
The Fisherman’s Friend

Urgent quest:
The Scorching Blade

For the sixth village, you have additional quests to complete. They include:
Dark Wings, Dark Work
Tuff Turf
Tigrex by the Tail
A Thousand Scales of Dread
Brachydios Mio!
Stop the Wheel
The Fated Four


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