New Pokemon Go GPS Glitch Lets You Catch Pokemon On Your Couch

Do you like playing Niantic’s Pokémon GO? Are you always in a position not to go outside to capture various Pokémon that you are after? Well, there’s a new GPS glitch in the game for iOS and Android that I’m sure will get patched soon, but while it’s still active you will be able to use it to your advantage, which is demonstrated in this guide.

This glitch is good if you are near a PokéStop and are heading home and looking to chill out on your bed or couch. Not only will the beginning part provide some good stuff — since you are passing by a PokéStop — this GPS glitch will also net you some Pokémon around the area, if you are looking for specific types, candies and so on.

I know it defeats the point of going outside and interacting with others, but it might prove to be useful coming back from rainy/snowy days, or on days where you don’t plan to go back outside.

Go to a nearby PokéStop

Go to your nearest PokéStop and collect the items it provides. This, of course, works if you are heading to the PokéStop and planing to come back, or if you are passing by to go home.

Turning off GPS

Minimize your game by pressing the Home Button on your smart device. Head to the menu where your phone allows you to turn off your GPS, which will lead you into the next step.

Head Home

Go back home.

Catching Pokémon from your couch

Switch back and forth from turning your GPS on and off. Constantly switch your GPS in a sequence while playing the game on your couch, or bed, after encountering Pokémon to catch even more.

Unlike all those scam videos out there asking you to download garbage, pay actual cash, visit external sites and use hacks that could potentially brick your device, this one is all in-game and can be seen below. The video comes in by Abhay Bedi, and works without having to jailbreak your iOS device, or Root any other mobile smartphone.

It’s worth noting that this GPS glitch can glitch your game’s screen, which is noted at the end of the video. Seeing how you might have to use it with caution for that reason, I can see the devs patching this thing soon, so use it as often as you can but not too much to catch ’em all.


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