Nighthawk Interactive Will Bring Mutant Mudds: Super Challenge To PC, PS Vita And PS4

Looking back to 2012 when the original creator and developer Renegade Kid released the 2D platformer Mutant Mudds, folks were able to participate in a strange adventure against mutated mud creatures across colorful locations. As of now, Nighthawk Interactive will bring Mutant Mudds: Super Challenge — the sequel Mutant Mudds — to PC, PS Vita and PS4.

To be clear, I really enjoyed the original version by Renegade Kid back in 2012. I remember playing the game on the 3DS and having a blast running and jumping around the 2D world with all of the mixed content thrown in the mechanically simple yet complex game. I also enjoyed the concept of being able to jump back and forth from the front of the screen to the far back, which added a cool flare to solving stages and getting all of the Sprites.

Bringing it back to now, Nighthawk Interactive will release the sequel for PC, PS Vita and PS4 on July 26th. It will come in as a digital download across said systems, and will include cross-buy support between the PS4 and PS Vita.

For a little bit more info about the game, which Nighthawk Interactive details, you can read the below.

“Mutant Mudds: Super Challenge twists traditional 2D platformers with three dimension-bending layers to jump between: the foreground, background and middle ground. Armed with a potent water cannon and jetpack, players can run, leap, crouch, hover and shoot to traverse each stage’s exciting assortment of enemies, spikes, phasing platforms, crushing blocks and more. Core abilities can be augmented with special power-ups to increase hover time, perform a huge vertical boost, or equip a power shot, and hidden pathways offer pick-ups and 20 secret unlockable characters for intrepid explorers to find.”

In addition to Mutant Mudds: Super Challenge, a video was posted up showing off angry clouds, flying mud creatures, and whacky stages across colorful locations. You can watch the video thanks to Nighthawk Interactive‘s YouTube channel.

Lastly, Mutant Mudds: Super Challenge will hold over 40 new levels, five boss battles, five new themes and more chiptune tracks to accompany you on your adventure. As of now, Nighthawk Interactive will bring the 2D platform game to PC, PS Vita and PS4 on July 26th.


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