Outbreak: Top-down Horror Co-op Survival Shooter Now On Greenlight

Outbreak is a top-down, survival horror shooter game, developed by Venatio Creo. The main objective is about players surviving and working together to escape hoards of deadly zombies, while scavenging for supplies and managing their limited inventory space.

The story followers a small group of people as they try to find the source of the Outbreak. You will be able to play either offline, or online for a total of four players working together cooperatively to survive, hunt for supplies, and find the truth for what started the zombie apocalypse. outbreak2There were a few comments that questioned how difficult the game would be, and the developers have commented on their Steam Greenlight page for Outbreak, saying that the challenge doesn’t just come from surviving and killing zombies, but the fact that there are so many zombies that slowly overwhelm you due to the fact that they never stop chasing you, so it will eventually lead to you slowly taking damage and running out of supplies over the course of a long period of time. You can read the quoted post down below to get an idea about what the game will be like, since the developer gives a far more detailed explanation about what the experience will be like in the final game.


outbreak 2

“[…] Outbreak’s difficulty comes from a slow burn, where each conflict lessens your supplies and you accumulate damage. Since ammo and healing items are sparse, you find yourself worn down over time instead of being eliminated immediately by a single conflict. Similar to classic survival horror games from the 90s.
My goal with the difficulty was for normal encounters to feel almost trivial when you’re well stocked. Over time, they become difficult when you can no longer efficiently dispatch foes. Even though you’re faster than most enemies, they will never stop hunting you and will catch up as you scrounge for supplies. It’s a really tense experience. Higher difficulties increase enemy count, damage taken and reduce the number of supplies as well.”

It sounds like it is taking a slightly different path from the four player co-op elements from Left 4 Dead, turning it into a Top-down shooter with a heavy focus on managing your supplies and inventory space to survive long term hardships, instead of deadly hoards of enemies that overwhelm you all at once. The developers released two trailers for Outbreak, so you can watch the Outbreak announcement trailer video as well as the gameplay video that I linked down below to see a little of what the game has to offer.

Additionally,Outbreak will feature four playable characters, each with their own unique loadout and skill set, three different difficulty settings that scale with the amount of players playing the game, as well as a variety of different firearms and melee weapons to choose from to help you survive.

Outbreak doesn’t currently appear to have a release date planned, but you can visit their Steam Greenlight page to learn more, or check out their official website for additional details about the game.


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