Paragon’s Update 0.28 Brings New Home screen, Character Balance And Weekly Quest

If you haven’t played Epic Games MOBA Paragon or you have taken a break from the game, now might be the time to hop in and try update 0.28. Bringing a new home screen, character balance and weekly quests to the game, some other new features also reside in update 0.28, which is now live for PC and PS4.

The latest update is said to rework almost the whole entire game with balanced content and a new UI that alters the main home screen. This also brings more content to the base game including Victory Chests, which stands as your typical loot crate that delivers random loot once opened. Players can also receive new Victory Chests everyday and can be obtained after battles.

There’s also a new reward system that arrives in the form of quests that grant even more card packs, which act as upgrades in battle. These quests come weekly and serve as an alternate route to increase your pool of cards.

Players will also find that there are new skins that jump into the mix on the cosmetic side, and do not impact gameplay in terms of giving one side an upper hand over the other team. Furthermore, the options menu now allows players to change the auto-sprint mechanics, sound effects and other options.

For a better look at all of the new content and features in update .28, you can watch the four minute long announcement video thanks to Paragon‘s YouTube channel.

It’s worth noting that if you are not into MOBA games this might not be the game for you, seeing how it relies a lot on team work, knowing each hero and how the field works. However, to get a better look at the game you can visit Paragon’s official website to learn more. Paragon is out now for PC and PS4.

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