Pokemon GO Download Now Available For Americans

If you live in the land down under or in North America, you can begin to download Pokemon GO for your smartphone.

The news has been trending all over Twitter and social media as of late, as Pokemon trainers in the making have been loading up Niantic’s new app onto their smartphones and have begun the uncanny adventure of capturing Pokemon in the augmented reality RPG.

The game allows players to travel around in real life, using virtual Poke Balls to pick up and capture wild Pokemon. The game’s microtransaction store recently went live, detailing what the items cost and how much virtual coinage it’ll be in order to get your hands on some of the cash shop items.

Gamespot did a list of all the items you can pick up by paying some real life coin for them. Check it out below.


  • 100 Pokecoins: $1.49
  • 550 Pokecoins: $7.99
  • 1200 Pokecoins: $14.99
  • 2500 Pokecoins: $30.99
  • 5200 Pokecoins: $62.99
  • 14500 Pokecoins: 159.99


  • 20 Poke Balls: 100 Pokecoins
  • 100 Poke Balls: 460 Pokecoins
  • 200 Poke Balls: 800 Pokecoins
  • Incense: 80 Pokecoins
  • 8 Incense: 500 Pokecoins
  • 25 Incense: 1250 Pokecoins
  • Lucky Egg: 80 Pokecoins
  • 8 Lucky Eggs: 500 Pokecoins
  • 25 Lucky Eggs: 1250 Pokecoins
  • Lure Module: 100 Pokecoins
  • 8 Lure Modules: 680 Pokecoins
  • Egg Incubator: 150 Pokecoins

The Incense is supposedly designed to give you 30 minutes of an area buff that lures Pokemon to you. It’s likely designed as a monetary way to get gamers who live out in the middle of no where to gain access to Pokemon who otherwise wouldn’t be in their neck of the woods.

The game is free to play, but Nintendo and Niantic will most certainly clean up with the somewhat pay-to-win cash shop structure.

Additionally, The Escapist is reporting that there are some battery drainage issues when playing Pokemon GO on your smartphone. Nintendo is aware of the issue and made a short post about it on the official website, letting gamers know they’re looking into the issue.

While the soft launch includes Oceania and North America, Pokemon GO will be made available in more regions shortly.


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