Romance Of The Three Kingdoms 13 Adds English Language Support

Koei Tecmo released Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII in North America back on January 27th of this year. The game was only playable in Japanese, though. It was a strange decision but Koei actually garnered a lot of sales out of the game despite the lack of English support. Well, recently the company decided to follow through by releasing a patch that does add English support to the game, enabling Westerners to play the strategy title without having to learn Japanese to do so.

Koei released the patch around the 4th of July holiday, making an extremely simple post on the Steam store page that stated…

“Mojor Update! Now, you can play ROMANCE OF THE THREE KINGDOMS XIII with English interface & subtitles!”

This update is kind of long overdue… seven months overdue, to be exact.

English hasn’t been the only language support lacking for the game. The only language available was Japanese, however over the course of the last couple of months Koei Tecmo has slowly been adding in traditional Mandarin Chinese, along with adding Korean support back in mid June.

The reviews for the game at the moment are all mixed, some of which are from diehard fans of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms franchise, criticizing the game for taking some step backs from other entries in the series, while others criticized Koei Tecmo for releasing a game in all Japanese for Western gamers without any English language support.

Nevertheless, the more recent reviews have begun to change their tone, praising Koei for finally adding English support and that it makes a world of difference in playing the game in the native Western language.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII is available right now over on the Steam store for $59.99, but during the English update the game is currently discounted by 17%, so you can get it for only $49.79.

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