Satellite Reign Co-op Enters Open Beta With 50% Discount

5 Lives Studio announced that the cooperative campaign mode for their isometric strategy game, Satellite Reign, has entered into open beta. It’s available to anyone who wants to opt in ahead of the mode going live officially at the end of this week.

The news about the co-op mode was accompanied by the developers discounting Satellite Reign by 50%. The game’s price tag was knocked down to only $14.99. The sale isn’t just limited to Steam, though. also has a 50% discount at the moment where you can get a DRM-free copy of Satellite Reign for only $14.99. You can get the entire series and extras for a total of $22.96.

The co-op mode has been in development for a while, and they’ve been tweaking and modifying it leading up to its release this past month. One of the major hurdles were finally overcome, as detailed in a post over on Steam, where they stated…

“We were having issues for some time with random disconnections, as well as an issue where clients would suddenly see everything stop (e.g. agents not responding, enemies and civs standing still), but everything is fine for the host. We’re fairly confident we’ve solved this issue, but if anyone experiences this, please let us know! It haunted our dreams for so long, we’re almost finding it difficult to believe that it’s fixed!”

Satellite Reign is basically a throwback to the old-school Syndicate titles. It’s an open-world cyberpunk game with striking neon visuals and futuristic city designs.

Satellite Reign has actually come a long way after it was Kickstarter back in the summer of 2013. This was before all of the scandals and scams and broken promises that have tarnished the Kickstarter name over the years.

The open-world design and the ability to customize and outfit your operatives as you see fit has given the game it’s own little niche alongside Shadowrun Returns. If you haven’t seen what Satellite Reigns‘ gameplay is like, you can check out the trailer below.

Once again, the game is up and out right now on and on the Steam store for half-off the normal price. You can grab it for only $14.99 and have instant access to the online and local cooperative mode implemented into Satellite Reign. For further information on the game feel free to visit the official website.


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