Sega’s New Mini-Console Comes With 1,000 Games

The Sega Mega Drive Game Console is prepping to roll out onto e-tailers like Amazon for $69.99. The new device from H&B launches August 19th next month. The console has 20 games built into it and comes with a whopping 980 games on an included SD card. The console supports two wired controllers and plugs into your TV through an AV cable. The SD card slot also opens up the possibility to add more games to the console.

The H&B rendition of the Sega Mega Drive is available for pre-order over on Amazon right now. However, it’s not the only new console coming from Sega.

According to Cog Connected, there’s yet another Sega Mega Drive Game Console. AtGames has their own version of the classic Genesis 16-bit system, only instead of allowing gamers to access 1,000 games through an SD card slot, they have it setup where you can use the actual 16-bit cartridges from the Genesis to play the games.

Sega Mega Drive Classic Mini-Console

As the image above advertises, the AtGames rendition of Sega’s Mega Drive Mini-Console comes with 80 built-in games. The mini-consoles will run the games via emulation.

Unlike H&B’s version you can use wireless adapters and it comes with two wireless controllers. Thankfully it’s the Sega advanced controllers with the six buttons instead of the standard three-button controller.

Now, identical to the H&B version the AtGames Mega Drive console also uses AV cables. No HDMI output for HD gaming.

Some of the games that are included in the pack range from all of the popular 16-bit Sonic The Hedgehog titles, along with one of my personal favorites Ecco The Dolphin. There’s the Streets of Rage and Golden Axe trilogies, all three of the 16-bit era Mortal Kombat games and even fan-favorites like Alex Kidd, Ristar, Altered Beast, Chakan The Forever Man (and a thorough remake of that game is long overdue), Comix Zone and Vectorman. Like all of the really awesome games from the Sega Genesis era are basically included in the package, which is awesome.

The At Games versions of the Mega Drive Console will be available starting July 30th for $79.99. I suppose the cartridge slot has increased its price by $10 over the H&B’s SD slot version.


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