Sega’s New Mini-Console Comes With 1,000 Games
(Last Updated On: July 26, 2016)

The Sega Mega Drive Game Console is prepping to roll out onto e-tailers like Amazon for $69.99. The new device from H&B launches August 19th next month. The console has 20 games built into it and comes with a whopping 980 games on an included SD card. The console supports two wired controllers and plugs into your TV through an AV cable. The SD card slot also opens up the possibility to add more games to the console.

The H&B rendition of the Sega Mega Drive is available for pre-order over on Amazon right now. However, it’s not the only new console coming from Sega.

According to Cog Connected, there’s yet another Sega Mega Drive Game Console. AtGames has their own version of the classic Genesis 16-bit system, only instead of allowing gamers to access 1,000 games through an SD card slot, they have it setup where you can use the actual 16-bit cartridges from the Genesis to play the games.

Sega Mega Drive Classic Mini-Console

As the image above advertises, the AtGames rendition of Sega’s Mega Drive Mini-Console comes with 80 built-in games. The mini-consoles will run the games via emulation.

Unlike H&B’s version you can use wireless adapters and it comes with two wireless controllers. Thankfully it’s the Sega advanced controllers with the six buttons instead of the standard three-button controller.

Now, identical to the H&B version the AtGames Mega Drive console also uses AV cables. No HDMI output for HD gaming.

Some of the games that are included in the pack range from all of the popular 16-bit Sonic The Hedgehog titles, along with one of my personal favorites Ecco The Dolphin. There’s the Streets of Rage and Golden Axe trilogies, all three of the 16-bit era Mortal Kombat games and even fan-favorites like Alex Kidd, Ristar, Altered Beast, Chakan The Forever Man (and a thorough remake of that game is long overdue), Comix Zone and Vectorman. Like all of the really awesome games from the Sega Genesis era are basically included in the package, which is awesome.

The At Games versions of the Mega Drive Console will be available starting July 30th for $79.99. I suppose the cartridge slot has increased its price by $10 over the H&B’s SD slot version.

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  • Jerry Atienza

    I’m confused. Amazon is already selling these. Are the one in the article newer versions?

    • Most of the ones on Amazon with the large bundle of games and whatnot aren’t out yet. You can pre-order them, though.

  • Alistair

    Going completely off-Topic Not fucking please with Sega, Atlus i cqn Now see why people saying digital content is not the future.

    Riviera promise land that i legally bought is no where on UK store nor is it in my download list. It completely gone. While over in NA Its there so now they stealthly taking our games away the game was uncensored too.

    Sorry billy but im rather angry about this i want to know what over games fall foul of this i know of 2 so far skullgirls is 1 and dragon crown.

    Contacted sony they were helpful saying it up to the devs to pulled the game from download list. That is illegal by UK Law under the consumer act, Devs think they got total power they Have NOT. So my advice check your download list tried to find it on UK store.

  • One, two, thee, four, I predict a retro console war…

    (Also, no Sonic 3 w/ Sonic & Knuckles?)

    • Yep, it’s in there. They have each of the individual games and the lock-ons.

  • Alistair

    * phew that was a long history lesson wasnt it.

    • There’s also another problem as well, and that is I would heavily bet that SJWs/feminists are trying to take over and subvert the ratings boards in order to implement their own definitions as to what is acceptable and what isn’t, and what material leads to what rating.

      When SJWs want something changed, they will target the people with authority / in charge of the matter and cry-bully their way in. One of these examples is the ASA (Advertising Standards Agency) in the UK.

      We can only hope the ESRB maintains a “fair” and “unbiased” (yeah I know the ESRB are shady already, but they’re pretty lenient) take on their ratings instead of letting a feminist prick with an axe to grind to decide their ratings.

      As for the BBFC, not sure how they operate because I haven’t looked into them so I won’t comment on them for now.

      • Alistair

        BBFC job was to rate movies and Video games till 2010 when PEGI Took over while PEGI doesnt mind certain games like monpierce and senran with pegi 12 and 16.

        But tougher when it comes to old BBFC rated games.

        Heavy rain – BBFC 15 = Heavy rain – Pegi 18.

        Other 15 rated are 18 under PEGI.

  • Alistair

    All we need now is a Mini Snes and our childhood will nearly comple Mega-CD would also be welcome if you think echhi games are controversy, it is nothing compare to a game also made the headlines way before manhurt controversy here in the UK and sequel Manhunt2 was banned by BBFC.

    The qame in question is…… *Drumroll* Night-Trap set in NA it cause quite a storm believe me the funny thing is, we having the same BS Then as we having BS Today by SJWs and the rating boards says this & see that by NISA.

    Example you get this from pro-Censorship SJWs that says no wonder the game is censored because of what the rating board see and hears that bit is true because they do listen and see the content but its half true.

    Context is the key here nudity by it self no big deal or even just violence by it self no big deal even if both together rating boards dont flinch.

    To futher moot their silly opposition to questionable content a rating boads see gun gal for example what do they see 1 girl of very questionable Age. in context is the girl telling the player her odjection telling them to stop.

    SJWs sees a 12 year old, we sane people and rating boards see it as Not real so the conclusion is they give the game a rating and pass it uncut.

    The same with night-Trap because it further mooted they silly odjection in games the game night-Trap was given a 15 uncut by BBFC i can understand SJWs having a field day of Night-Trap not because of nudity because there was none but a few scenes of Violence especially against 1 woman.

    So what make night-Trap different from all the rest of games of today, is the use of real persons actors and actress real fresh and blood that the thing.

    People flip over that hell yes, today fucktards flip over of drawings, computer generated graphics would never ever look like a true human.

    It be intreasting to see if they bring back Night-Trap what rating it would get for PEGI and ESRB and what response it get. I want to see that happen. It be funny as hell.

    • “People flip over that hell yes, today fucktards flip over of drawings,
      computer generated graphics would never ever look like a true human.”

      And that is the crux of the matter there. There are 2 main problems:

      1) These fucktards will whine and moan about absolutely anything they dislike or bothers them, and will be bigoted and self-righteous in doing so.

      It’s got to the point where they have become completely unreasonable and want everything to be perfect for them.

      2) They have the entire mainstream media and news media on their side. This is what makes the difference. The media helps them push their agenda and demonize dissenters, such as GamerGate. Let me tell you, if SJWs didn’t have these outlets/platforms, they would be dead and buried a long time ago.

      It’ll be interesting to see what happens after the US presidential election. I hope this SJW crap will die down.

  • Nanya

    Man, between this and the Nintendo Mini, gunna have some RETRO FUN soon!