Selma And The Wisp, Polish Adventure Game Set To Launch On August 1st

Toucan Studio’s Selma and the Wisp has officially received its release date, which is set for August 1st on PC. A new trailer accompanied the news to help give gamers a little bit of something to look forward to when the game drops next month.

The game features a young girl named Selma who is accompanied by a wisp. She follows the wisp wherever it goes, collecting lights along the way. Selma encounters the wisp after something “disturbing” happens in her home, and she ventures into her wardrobe after it as the duo make their way through weird, wondrous and disturbing locations.

The game is designed by a group of Polish developers aiming to bring their visually macabre tale to life through a side-scrolling adventure. You can see a brief hint of what the art-style and the thematic presentation will be like with the most recent trailer below.

Unfortunately we don’t get to see any of the actual platforming in the game, nor do we get to see any of the puzzles that players will encounter along the way. However, there are some press shots that give gamers a bit more insight into what some of the puzzles might look like, as well as some of the dreamy and dangerous environments that player swill encounter along the way.

It’s hard to tell right now just what Selma and the Wisp will be like, but they do offer up a demo of the game that I might check out later and post up some video footage if there’s time.

If you are interested in learning more about Selma and the Wisp, you can do so by paying a very kind visit to the game’s official website. Alternatively, you can sit back and wait until August 1st to get your hands on the upcoming, side-scrolling, PC adventure game.


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