Song Of The Deep Gameplay Walkthrough

Insomniac Games and Game Trust Games’ Song of the Deep has found itself a solid niche audience after it released for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game is classified as a Metroidvania adventure game, as players venture through the deep sea in a rickety but upgradeable submarine. Well, for gamers in need of some hints and tips to play through the title, there is a walkthrough guide available.

YouTuber Father managed to put up a complete gameplay walkthrough that clocks in at just over four hours. Yes, the game is only four hours long. You can check out the complete gameplay walkthrough below.

The early parts of the game featuring the narrator works as a tutorial. It’s an ingenious design because it kills two birds with one stone, both introducing gamers to the story while also helping to give hints and tips on using the controls, navigating the map, gaining the early weapons and utilities for the sub, and defeating some enemies.

After you get the jet boost and learn how to boost throw you’ll end up at the Merrow Ruins, this is where the game begins to open up a bit more and allow players to explore with slightly more freedom than in the first area.

If you follow the mermaid Kara to the next segment it’ll open up some additional pathways. There’s a gate just below the mermaid where you have to pull the chains to open it up. This will lead you to the next area known as Watcher’s Hollow. You’ll find it at the 24 minute mark in the video above.

Follow the pathways through the hollow until you get to The Maw. The object is to travel upward through the caverns.

You’ll have to anchor your way up through the segment as the current attempts to push you back down through the chasm. Connect to each of the hooked anchors and slowly swing your way upward.

Song of the Deep

When you get to the ship graveyard you can use the claw of the sub to break through the wooden beams.

There are proximity mines in the area that you can use to get through the Skeleton Reef’s blocked off areas. Keep in mind that you can’t touch the mine itself or else it will explode. So make sure you clear a path when it’s time to use the mines to breach through new pathways.

When you get to the boss battle against the Sentinel, you’ll need to use the nearby debris to dodge the incoming missiles. You’ll need to head down to the bottom part of the stage where you’ll find a wrecked Sentinel in some debris. Use the gravity hook to tug at the debris and grab the destroyed Sentinel’s spare mine, use it to destroy the patrolling Sentinel to get to the next part.

Song of the Deep

After venturing through the Skeleton Reef you’ll end back up into the Watcher’s Hollow to battle a giant spider. The object is to pull down the wreckage where the spider is. When you defeat the jelly fish and the spider leaves the wreckage, quickly pull the glowing green spider webs down from around the boat to bring the whole wreckage down.

You can also catch the spider’s web balls it shoots off by grabbing them with the claw and flinging them back at the spider’s face. While it’s briefly stunned, continue to pull down the web holding up the wreckage.

You’ll be able to use a Tyne Torpedo after freeing the baby leviathan named Swish. It makes battling enemies a lot easier.


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