Sonic Generations 2 Teased For 2017 Release On Nintendo NX, PS4, Xbox One

Sega and Sonic Team released a second trailer in celebration of Sonic’s 25th anniversary. The first trailer revealed the upcoming spring, 2017 release of Sonic Mania for the PS4, PC and Xbox One. The second trailer had no name, just the working title of “Project Sonic 2017”; it has a tentative holiday, 2017 release for the Nintendo NX, Xbox One, PS4 and on Steam for PC.

The trailer starts right, telling gamers right off the bat that the developers who worked on the last two great Sonic games – Sonic Colors and Sonic Generations – are the ones heading up the newest project due for release in 2017. From there it dives right into a grim-dark scenario featuring the long-legged Sonic who ends up in a perilous situation, only to get a bit of help from the pudgy classic Sonic from the Genesis era. Check it out below.

Unfortunately a large part of the comment section is rife with inanity.

User TheChildofAuraReborn complains…

“This game had me until Classic Sonic rolled up. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Sonic Generations, but I loved it because it was fresh and new.”


“We’ve already had a dual-Sonic game, I don’t want sequels. It’s like when they announced Fire and Ice, I wasn’t enthusiastic for that either.”

According to this kid’s logic, Gears of War 2 was bad because it was just more of the same; Halo 2 was disappointing because it gave us more of Chief and Cortana; Super Smash Bros. Melee was awfully trite because the stages were still on a 2D plane despite being rendered in 3D; and Dark Souls III failed to ramp up the enthusiasm because we’ve already had games that feature sword swinging and hammer wielding.

I mean “Fresh and new”? Come on. Sega has been trying that for the last two generations and have failed at it in a more spectacular fashion than Hillary Clinton trying to pretend that she’s running an honest race. The only people who trust that anything “fresh and new” is coming out of both scenarios are Kool-Aid drinkers who get their recipes from the Jonestown cookbook.

Basically, don’t try to make sense of some of the complaints otherwise you’ll go mad.

For the average person who values quality gameplay and fun, this is very exciting news. Outside of Sonic Colors, the only recent game featuring Sonic that was actually fun to play (without loads of glitches, poor controls or uninspired level designs) was Sonic Generations. The modding scene is also very well established for that game and rightfully so.

Sonic 2017

If Sonic Generations 2 is the top secret project of 2017 then I’m thoroughly excited for the game. It’s unfortunate that some fans would probably rather see Sonic in another awful spin-off or terrible genre hop, like that crappy Shadow The Hedgehog or that other awful game where Sonic turned into a werewolf, or that other crappy game where Sonic was running around with a knight’s sword. Sega has definitely done enough experimenting over the last 20 years and many of those experiments were pretty darn awful.

I, for one, am excited that they’re going back to formulas that work and are trying to re-establish the Sonic brand with good games. It’s the one thing most gamers look forward to the most. Besides, if people really don’t like Sonic Generations 2, there’s still Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice to look forward to, which will undoubtedly continue the trend of expectations that we’ve all come to expect from the Sonic Boom franchise.

Expect more details on this new Sonic project at this year’s upcoming Tokyo Game Show or GamesCom in Cologne, Germany, where Sega is likely to unveil more details on the project.


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