Star Wars: Battlefront Offline Mode Featuring Bots Goes Live July 20th
(Last Updated On: July 15, 2016)

If you’ve grown bored and tired of playing Star Wars: Battlefront online and you’ve been pining to play the game within the comforts of your own abode, alone, your wish is finally being granted by DICE and Electronic Arts… starting July 20th.

They announced over on the official Star Wars website that the offline Skirmish mode will be available to play for those offline. The best part about it is that the mode can be played either in single-player or in two-player split-screen.

It’s one of the many things gamers had been clamoring for since the original release of Star Wars: Battlefront late last fall, but EA and DICE made one excuse after another why the offline modes were being denied to paying customers.

As mentioned on the website by lead designer Dennis Brannvall…

“The new mode will be available starting July 20 and offers players the option to play offline against bots in a solo mission or with a friend using co-op split screen. (Console only) Skirmish can be played on a difficulty level of your choosing and across two modes, Walker Assault and Fighter Squadron. With multiple locations that span the galaxy, from the frozen planet of Hoth to the lava encrusted planet of Sullust, we hope Skirmish brings players a new way to enjoy Star Wars Battlefront.”

The rest of the post waxes poetics about the (partially) free content for season pass holders, as well as the new Bespin map, the Hutt’s palace, and some of the upcoming DLC they have planned for the rest of the summer.

They also pimp the upcoming Death Star map, which is set to release later this year during the fall. They will discuss the details on that particular map during a live-stream, which a lot of people might end up forgetting about since it’ll be taking place during the same time as this year’s EVO tournament series in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Nevertheless, if you want to learn more about the new content and modes due to drop throughout the rest of the year for Star Wars: Battlefront, along with the July 20th offline mode update, feel free to check out the official website.

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  • Arbitrary

    I’ve read that post multiple times, and still cannot for the life of me wrap my head around what the fuck “Skirmish Mode” is. It certainly doesn’t sound like actual Bot-support.

  • Wisdomcube2000

    I got the game as a gift a while back. Was only able to enjoy the Hero vs Hero mode (the one where heroes have one life before they swap to the normal grunts), but it would be nice to give the other modes another try without any fear of the crazy amounts of spawn rape I dealt with lol.

  • giygas

    I wonder if this is a sign that we might see the return of bot support in Battlefield 1.

    Can you still earn EXP or at least have free access to the unlockables in skirmish mode? It would be a huge slap in the face to offline players if they were forced to grind in the dead multiplayer in order to access all of the content. (looking at you, Battlefield 2 and 2142)

    • That’s actually a pretty good question. They didn’t really get into the details of the offline mode like that… we’ll find out soon enough next week.