Starfall Tactics Pre-Alpha Test Sign-Ups Are Live

Snowforged Entertainment released some new info on their crowd-funded real-time strategy game, Starfall Tactics. The game originally came onto the scene early last year, and it’s been making progress in the action-RTS field ever since.

In a press release issued to various media outlets, Snowforged announced that they would be hosting a limited pre-alpha test between July 14th and July 17th. The alpha test would be used to help iron out some of the game’s features and for the developers to get some feedback on the progress of the project.

For anyone who is completely unfamiliar with Starfall Tactics, be sure to check out the gameplay trailer below that was released a while back.

Now it’s made known in the press release that they’ve come a long ways with the development the game since the trailer above. Unfortunately they don’t have a more recent trailer to share but they do mention that the game has come a long way since what they were showcasing last year to the general public.

The basic themes behind the game is that it uses a lot of the core tenets of real-time strategy games such as evolving units over time, using the rock, paper, scissors style approach to combat, and corralling forces using tactical formations and various types of weaponry and shields to thwart attacks.

One of the other core features they’ve been working on is expanding the galaxy. They mention in the press release that they’ve added a Galaxy mode, where players can discover new planets and name them, as well as fight off pirates, engage in multiplayer PvP or do cooperative matches partaking in PvE modules. Trading, fighting and making use of the black market is also possible, along with boarding enemy ships and advancing the fleet under your command.

The system requirements for the game are rather tame, requiring only a GTX 460, 4GB of RAM and a dual-core 2ghz CPU.

You can learn more about Starfall Tactics or sign-up for the alpha test by visiting the official Starfall Tactics website.