Tales Of Berseria New Video Shows More Gameplay And Moving Hoverboard

Over 30 minutes of gameplay was recently showcased for Bandai Namco’s upcoming entry into the Tales Of series, better known as Tales of Berseria. The video that comes in by V-Jump reveals the Rare Board that opts as a faster traveling system, along with exploration, more battles scenes and other gameplay mechanics. Tales of Berseria is set to come out this year for PS3 and PS4 in Japan on August 18th, and PS4 and PC early next year for the west. 

It’s been a while since some actual gameplay footage of Tales of Berseria popped up, and the video that V-Jump shows provides in-game footage of various scenarios. The video of course has some talking at the beginning and end, but nonetheless it shows an ample amount of gameplay mechanics for the upcoming JRPG.

Something worth noting is that folks will now get a better look at the one of the travel systems that stands to propel the character faster and further compared to walking around. This object stands as the recently revealed Rare Board, which is nothing more than a hover board — like the ones from Back to the Future.

Although we get to see some new stuff along the way like a rocky location, we also see some stuff that was already shown before. This includes the prominently promoted beach, which is understandable seeing how the devs don’t want to spoil too much of the game when teasing snippets to fans.

Like one would expect, the video also reveals the battle system in action, along with talking segments interjected in between battles and adventuring. If you want you can check out the 35 minute long video, which  V-Jump flaunts on their YuoTube channel.

As noted above, Tales of Berseria won’t come out this year for western fans, but will come out sometime later. Western folks can expect to see the JRPG to launch early next year for PS4 and PC. As for the game’s Japanese release it will launch for both PS3 and PS4 on August 18th.