The Division: Dragon Nest Incursion Has A New Infinite Boss Loot Glitch

There’s a new glitch or exploit that allows players to get infinite boss loot drops while fighting the Dragon Nest Incursion fire-truck. In this guide, folks will learn how to obtain more 240 boss loot that currently works on Xbox One and PC. Tom Clancy’s The Division is out now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

I should note that this glitch doesn’t always work when attempting to trigger it when fighting the boss. The glitch seems to work best when the boss is defeated and the leader of the squad doesn’t pick up the boss loot. From here you and your team must die to some leftover mobs after the boss dies — by pressing the switches — and re-spawn.

Sometimes the buttons to drop the tank on the fire-truck might glitch out, resulting in you and your team having to die to restart that segment. If the button works and kills the boss, new loot will keep re-spawning each time during that one run. You can watch GamesGlitches performing the exploit or glitch below.

If the above video seemed a little vague or not clear as to how the exploit/glitch works, another video by TritanArmy that features Mountie Carl from Gun Brothers Gaming, shows how to achieve the infinite boss loot.

It’s worth noting that the devs will most likely try to shut this glitch down as fast as possible seeing how it grants infinite boss loot during a single run through the Dragon Nest Incursion. This means that if you and your friends keep this glitch up you can get some good loot (especially on harder missions) without having to do the beginning part with the Four Horsemen.

The Dragon Nest Incursion fire-truck glitch currently works on Xbox One and PC. PS4 fans will get update 1.3 and the Dragon Nest Incursion on August 2nd. Tom Clancy’s The Division is out now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.