The Division’s Mobile Cover Glitch Now Works After Patch 1.3

Massive and Ubisoft tried fixing the ever so glitchy Mobile Cover skill in The Division, and yet it’s back to its formal state of being glitchy. Players can now glitch through walls like they could before using the Mobile Cover glitch, and the glitch is usable in both patch 1.3 and the Dragon’s Nest Incursion DLC. Tom Clancy’s The Division is out now for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Getting straight into the glitch, drop your Mobile Cover shield on the ground and then shoot right afterwards, this should be coupled with zooming-in and moving in a specific location, and bam! It should work. This handy glitch that was prominent in The Division’s early days still knows how to work its way around the devs’ patching skills, assuming if they have good patching skills.

The video guide comes in courtesy of Cronic Gamerz, and shows it working during the older Incursion — Falcon Lost.

In case you’re wondering if the Mobile Cover glitch didn’t make it into the actual patch or into the newer DLC, a recent video by GamesGlitches can be viewed below showing how to do it in The Division on patch 1.3. The video below starts around 0:40 if you want the info right away.

The glitch was originally used in the early builds of The Division to escape the dome and to run around the outskirts of the game’s world. Later on, glitchers started to use the Mobile Cover to get ahead in various missions like the Police Academy, where they could breach through the door to glitch the mission. Seeing how the Mobile Cover is back, the Police Academy and other mission can now be re-united with the glitched skill and might provide good loot like before.

Sadly, the Mobile Cover might get patched for the umpteenth time preventing players from getting too far ahead. If you want to stretch the potentials of this particular glitch in The Division with the Four Horsemen or the new Dragon’s Nest Incursion, you can give it a whirl before Ubisoft patches it out… again.