The Warriors Lands On PS4 Via The PlayStation Store

Now here’s some awesome news that’s bound to get some PlayStation fans feeling upbeat: The Warriors from the PS2 has been re-released on the PlayStation 4 via the PlayStation Network. It’s great news because it’s one of the very best games ever made, period. And it’s a great way to compensate for PlayStation owners being left out in the cold with Red Dead Redemption’s backwards compatibility going live for the Xbox One.

COG Connected did a quick write-up about the game launching onto the PlayStation Store in Europe for PS4 owners. They link to the store page, where sure enough it’s listed for ‎£11.99, which would likely translate to $14.99 if it were being sold in the U.S… oh wait, it looks like it is available in the U.S., for $14.99 on the PlayStation Store.

It’s weird that this game wasn’t highly advertised for re-release on the PS4. Nevertheless, The Warriors features all of the classic gameplay from the PS2 version, including same-screen and split-screen gameplay for up to two players, the full story mode, 1080p up-rendering, shareplay support, trophies, cloud saves and remote play.

The Warriors originally came out more than a decade ago and was easily one of the most played titles in my library. It’s rare we get fighting games like that these days where you have massive gang battles, sandbox environments, lots of different realistic fighting maneuvers, blocking, countering, throws, environmental destruction, weapons, and finishing moves. The game was perfect for what it was and was highly replayable. The extra unlockable modes and characters just made it that much more fun.

It’s a shame Rockstar never followed up on The Warriors with something newer and bigger. A game featuring 32 players online in massive brawls, or traveling around the city engaged in gang warfare would be awesome… especially if it were still set back during the late 1970s when racial and class tensions were at peak highs.

You can pick up a digital copy of The Warriors right now from the PlayStation Store in both Europe and the United States. I suppose this makes up for everyone on the Xbox One who will get to play Red Dead Redemption when it becomes available by backwards compatibility this Friday.


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