Umineko When They Cry: Question Arc Brings Murder Mysteries And Witches To Steam

A new entry in the popular and ever-growing Umineko When They Cry series has launched called Question Arc. It sees players involved with uncovering the culprit behind a series of murders taking place on an island where a family conference is taking place.

In this particular entry, developers 0th Expansion and MangaGamer have released a tale that involves a conference on a small island held by the Ushiromiya family. The family gathers to discuss receiving inheritance from the family head, who is nearly at the end of his life.

18 people will be in attendance at the island, however a mysterious letter informs the family that a witch is amongst them and that there are 19 people there. Eventually, bodies begin to turn up and a full-on murder mystery ensues.

It will be up to players to discover who the culprit is while delving into the lives of the remaining people alive on the island, and figure out if a witch is really behind the killings. You can get an idea of what the art-style is like from the Japanese visual novel, as well as a grounded look at the characters with the trailer below, courtesy of The Guardian Legend.

It’s very interesting because this series has managed to garner a sizable niche fanbase with the PS3 release, and now MangaGamer is seeking to grow their audience on PC as well.

The user reviews that have come out for this particular entry in the Umineko When They Cry series are all quite positive, praising the game’s length-to-price ratio, the storytelling, the character depth and the interactions. It’s obviously not quite as popular as some of MangaGamer’s more risque visual novels, but if you’re more into storytelling and a strong focus on character development, it doesn’t seem like a bad way to go.

The game is available right now over on the Steam store for only $24.99, but you can get it for the first week for 10% off. For further info on the game feel free to visit the official website.


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