Under Night In-Birth Exe: Late Anime Fighting Game Arrives On Steam
(Last Updated On: July 14, 2016)

Arc System Works recently released their anime fighting game, Under Night In-Birth Exe: Late onto Steam. The game originally came out four years ago back on arcade machines but was modified and updated for release on the PlayStation 3 back in 2015. Just a year later and Arc System Works along with legendary fighting game developer French-Bread have released the game onto Steam for PC.

The story for the title is somewhat confusing if you’re not already familiar with it, but the short gist of it is that there’s a place known as the “Hollow Night” where supernatural entities feast and dwell in the darkness, the main heroes – Linne and Hyde – are attempting to stop an evil force looking to harness the power known as Paradox.

Players will be able to choose from 16 hand-drawn fighters, each with their own brand of combos, special moves and super abilities. The entire game has been fine-tuned to emulate the themes and fighting found in anime films, as evident with the release trailer that you can view below.

The game features a story mode that has a light visual novel theme to it, not unlike the story mode in BlazBlue. Players will uncover the secrets of the Hollow Night while facing off against the evil organization known as Amnesia.

In addition to unraveling the story through the visual novel interactions, there’s also arcade fighting, versus modes for local play and a series of online modes such as standard online versus matches, ranked online versus matches and leaderboards to keep track of the progress.

The system requirements are rather tame, only seeing a 2GB and 2GHz PC with a GTX 560 or Radeon HD 7770 being required to play the game.

There’s Steam trading cards, full controller support and cloud saves. The reviews for the game are mostly positive, although some decry the $29.99 price tag for an older ported game, but it’s also 20% off at the moment for the first week of being on sale, so you can get it for only $23.99.

You can learn more about it or grab a digital copy by paying a visit to the Steam store page.

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  • C G Saturation

    Was really disappointed by the original version of this game. Generic characters, not-so-great animation, attacks don’t feel good, etc, etc. Felt like they were trying too hard to copy Blaz Blue, instead of doing their own thing.

    Melty Blood is a much better game. Still waiting for them to fix the netplay on that. Wouldn’t be surprised if the netplay on this one is just as broken.

    • DizzyGear

      Really? It felt more like an evolved Melty Blood to me.
      Though the story made as much sense as the name of the game. At least Sion’s cameo was funny.

      • C G Saturation

        I very much like every aspect of MBAACC the way it is, except for the not-so-great single player AI. I recall the AI getting harder by the end, but that’s too late. I spent lots of time fighting the boss mode Archetype for fun. Also spent years playing online with a few friends. I think I’ve saved thousands of replays.

        Some music tracks are nice, but otherwise I really didn’t like UNIB. Don’t like how the attacks or animations or characters look/feel. They’re not interesting or appealing or anything. The animation is far worse than MBAACC, and the characters feel like they have much less attacks and maneuverability.

        It generally feels like a BlazBlue/Guilty Gear wannabe, and I’ve never really gotten into those. French Bread themselves said UNIB was meant to “beat BlazBlue”. The AI was much worse, too. Finished it on max difficulty several times in a few minutes without knowing how to play any characters. Haven’t tried UNIB in multiplayer, but I don’t care enough about it to want to.

        To me, the only thing UNIB has over MBAACC is the higher resolution sprites, but I much prefer lower resolution sprites with better animation.