Warframe TennoCon 2016 Highlights: New Anime, New Story mission And More!

Well, if you want to watch it all without spoilers (or avoid lore/story spoilers), I suggest you either stop reading or head on over to the Warframe Official YouTube Channel to watch the full recorded TennoCon 2016 stream all the way through. For those of you that just want the important highlights without the fluff, continue reading!

Game Development Studio Digital Extremes has held their first ever TennoCon 2016 event where they also streamed the event live on Twitch yesterday on July 9th, 2016. This event is like a mini version of E3, but focuses purely on the game Warframe where they talk about the future of Warframe, new content, answer questions, and do prize Giveaways. This year, they announced quite a few things that will be coming to Warframe, and not all of it is purely just for the game.

The developers showed a small clip of a new Warframe animated short that will be coming out later this summer that will be animated by OtaKing77077, you know, that guy that did that awesome Star Wars Anime Tie Fighter short. I’ll just link it below for those of you that haven’t seen it.

Tennocon 2016 2

The series will focus on “100 Days Of Warframe“, starting with a Tenno waking up in its Warframe and following its journey  100 days later. As mentioned above, the animated short will start sometime this summer and if the mini series does well it might just continue into a full series to expand on the story.

Furthermore, the Dev team announced the Tigris Prime, a new Nova Deluxe Skin, a new Fairy themed Warframe called Titania that can shrink down into a mini Archwing frame and fly around INSIDE normal levels (yeah, that has glitch written all over it), as well as Nekros Prime. The Dev Stream went on to give away 100,000 Platinum to one lucky audience member, which is pretty much a life time supply of their in game premium currency, and then wrapped up and ended with their final reveal “The War Within” which is their new Cinematic Story mission series.

I linked the video down below and laid out a time chart with the most useful information down below. It appears that the Warframe Official YouTube Channel stream is shorter than the Twitch stream, so I tried my best to sync the timeline accordingly based on the adjusted edited time. You can use the below timestamp as reference to quickly skip through to view the most important discussions about the game, questions and answers, and new game content.

0:50 TennoCon 2016 Starts
1:20 Dev Team is introduced (followed by a lot of random goofing around)
8:00 Warframe Cartoon Trailer (DE dropping bombs!)
10:50 Galatine Prime
12:24 Tigris Prime
13:17 Nova deluxe skin
14:08 Nekros Prime Reveal
16:58 Titania Warframe Animations
29:36 Power Plat Giveaway
31:30 Tenno School Convergence Cup
32:25 TennoCon raised Money
33:40 Q&A Session (Close to 30 mins of questions)
34:40 Pet Commands (To Keep them from running away, etc)
35:39 A Question About New Companion Types (Such as birds)
37:30 Quadruped Warframe Question (Aardvark Frame Confirmed!)
45:50 Questions About Umbra Weapons And Possible Zanuka Pets
1:04:53 The War Within Trailer


There you go Tenno, enjoy the show!


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