You can Now Play The Witcher 3 In First-Person With New First-Person Mod

Sometime back, a modder that goes by the name SkacikPL brought forth videos showing CD Projekt Red’s game, The Witcher 3, in first-person. Obviously, the game was intended to be played in third-person, but those looking to overcome motion sickness and master the ways of steel from the eyes of Geralt, will be able to do so with this mod.

I should warn you that this mod still needs some work even though it is available for download. I should also warn you that it is not for the faint of heart when it comes to keeping your food down. The mod can be harsh on people who don’t do well with first-person perspectives.

If you should choose to download the mod and experience everything from the eyes of the Witcher himself, the mod does offer up a new view on once old environments to veteran players, which is pretty cool.

The video can be seen below thanks to SkacikPL, which shows Geralt wondering around the land in first-person. However, be advised that it can cause motion sickness if you aren’t use to watching games that are meant to be played in third-person in first-person.

Anyone who watched the older videos will recall quite a list of problems. Some of the problems are fixed, which include head bobbing and the option to disable it entirely, fixing Input directional pull, clipping issues and automatic exit from FP mode during combat, dialogue and horse riding.

I think it’s pretty cool to see a game like the Witcher 3 gain a first-person mod. Although the mod isn’t perfect, it is cool to have more options like this, if you fancy stuff like this.

The Witcher 3 is out now for PS4, Xbox One and PC. However, this mod is only available for PC and can be downloaded by hitting up this link to get the mod. You can learn more about this mod by heading over to CD Projekt Red’s forum page.


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