A Foretold Affair, Romance Visual Novel Seeks Funds Via Kickstarter

GB Patch Games is working on an upcoming visual novel called A Foretold Affair. It puts players in the role of a Seer that lives amongst a group of future seers. One day the Abnormal Seer, the player-character, sees into their own future and witnesses a life of mirth and happiness; more important, they see a future shared with a loved one. With that image in mind, the Seer sets out to fulfill this destiny by traveling to the land of non magic users. Things take a slight detour when the Seer ends up on an adventure that seems far removed from the life of love and happiness that the future vision foretold.

The romance tale takes a slightly different twist from the norm given that players get to choose the makeup of their character and the character they get to romance, be it male, female or androgynous.

What’s more is that the game utilizes active sprites and background animations during the interaction sequences to help bring the characters to life. You can see what the art-style and the design is like with the Kickstarter video below.

The game is set within a steampunk-fantasy universe, giving gamers more than 25 different backgrounds to explore, 20 CG images for the characters, 40 minutes of original music, and additional content and story elements to unlock during the playthrough.

The visual novel obviously caters to a certain kind of demographic expecting certain kinds of content and storytelling. This is not a Japanese fan-service visual novel, nor is it a brooding sci-fi drama or high-tech noir piece. If you really aren’t into specific romance VNs, then A Foretold Affair likely won’t appeal to you.

Nevertheless, GB Patch Games does offer up a demo with up to three hours of content featuring 29,000 words. The demo contains the option to choose the gender of your character and interact with the three potential spouses. The full game will feature 145,000 words for the script, giving fans of visual novels plenty to read through.

There’s only $1,500 goal for A Foretold Affair and they’re expecting to release the game digitally by January, 2017. If they can hit certain stretch goals they plan on adding in some flavorful content, such as Underwear Mode… and yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like. The Kickstarter page explains…

“Basically, at this stretch goal you’ll be able to set the characters to wear their alternate outfits at any point in the story. You could play through the entire game with them in their underwear or just specific scenes or whatever you feel like. You’ll also be able to decide who is wearing the alternate outfit and who isn’t. So, for example, if you want Kea in their underwear but Piper and January to keep their clothes on, that’ll be doable.”

Well, I guess I was wrong about the fan-service part.

And finally, if they can manage above $5,500 they’ll begin to implement some voice acting, which should help give the visual novel some additional appeal.

If A Foretold Affair interests you, you can learn more by visiting the Kickstarter page.


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