ACE Academy, Japanese Mecha Visual Novel Available On Steam

PixelFade Studios comedic, sci-fi, romantic visual novel ACE Academy is currently available for purchase on Steam. The visual novel carries a $24.99 price tag and is also 33% off for the first week of being available on Steam.

The game follows a young protagonist who ends up at an academy that focuses on a futuristic Japanese sport that uses mechs known as GEARS. The academies focus on “cenorobotics”, and the main protagonist wants to get good at using GEARS but he needs to find a suitable team, thus he ends up with a rag-tag team where he attempts to find friendship, a bit of romance and maybe a win or two in a tournament featuring the GEARS.

You can check out the ACE Academy trailer to get a feel for what the art and characters like, courtesy of Kertas Kecil Voytager289.

The visual novel is all about taking a “slice of life” approach to telling a tale about budding relationships, friendship, science fiction, mechs and that side dose of romance.

Unlike some visual novels where you just sit and read all day, there are hundreds of different choices that allow players to build both platonic and romantic relationships with different characters, resulting in different endings. The game also has a fully voiced story with a varied cast of characters.

The early reviews for the game from users mostly seem to be positive. There are only a couple of negative reviews and the reason they didn’t like ACE Academy was because it took too long to come out and they got fatigued from the developers having trouble wrapping the game up during the summer. Otherwise, most people love the story, characters and the art.

If you’re in the mood for a futuristic, comedic visual novel centered around mechs and romance, feel free to check out ACE Academy by paying a kind visit to the Steam store page.


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