Agenda Lets You Become The Illuminati On September 21st For PC
(Last Updated On: August 24, 2016)

Have you ever wanted to pull strings behind the scenes? Cause governments to topple? Create distrust within the monarchy? Unseat a politician using machinations? Or fulfill your inner Machiavelli? Well, Exordium Games has an upcoming strategy title for PC called Agenda, it basically lets you take on the role of the puppet masters behind the scenes, giving gamers all the power they could ever dream of… starting September 21st.

The developers recently announced that Agenda would be available on Steam near the end of September. The objective of the game is to direct cover operations to take control over the economies, political factions, military and science institutions of various countries, including media influence (and everyone who knows anything about #GamerGate should find the whole media influence angle very interesting).

The game will see players controlling blackmail schemes, kickbacks and party favors, along with assassination attempts and election tampering (anyone who has been keeping up to date with WikiLeaks and the DNC scandal should also find the whole election thing fascinating as well).

You can see what your backroom string-pulling and collusive dealings can net you with the Agenda gameplay trailer below.

It reminds me a little bit of both Democracy and Defcon, but with a hint of X-Com‘s Geoscape diplomacy features.

I’m a little shocked that there were no options in there to influence countries based on religion. Religion has been one of the most powerful tools of rulers, creating ways to filter the balance of power toward the rich while keeping the power joyfully oppressed. Maybe if Agenda does well we’ll see it featured in the sequel?

As pointed out by game director Andrej Kovacevic, the whole goal is about using devious means to conquer the world, saying in the press release…

“Unlike most games, the goal of Agenda isn’t to save the world through noble deeds – it’s world domination through devious tactics,” “Only by utilizing military might, making shady political deals and manipulating the global economies and media will players be able to rule the world.”

It’s like you get to play as that illusive Illuminati in the Deus Ex games who are always creating conspiracies and chaos to keep and maintain control over the unwashed masses.

You can look to get your hands on Agenda for PC starting September 21st, in case that hadn’t been made clear enough times in the article already.

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