Anicon: Animal Complex Cat’s Path VN Goes The Romantic Comedy Route

One path of the many different routes in Anicon: Animal Complex is out over on Steam. The charming looking visual novel is available right now from Zeiva Inc., for only $7.99.

The visual novel sees a young girl named Clena heading to the circus one day where she encounters lots of seemingly lovely animals. The only thing is, they aren’t actually animals at all… they’re human boys who can transform into animals.

The premise already seems like something out of a Studio Ghibli flick. According to Zeiva, the visual novel is a romantic comedy set within the fantasy world of Anicon. There are various misadventures touted within the experience, along with puzzle pieces, lots of adorable artwork and various conflicts to work through. You can check out the opening for Anicon: Animal Complex below to see what the art-style is like and some of the characters featured throughout the visual novel.

It’s definitely designed to be more cutesy than anything. That’s not to mention that gamers and visual novel enthusiasts looking for something less risque and more fun and lighthearted might enjoy Animal Complex.

While this particular version only contains the Cat’s path, it is priced a lot lower than other typical visual novels, clocking in at only a fraction of the cost of something Clannad. Additionally, Zeiva released a playable demo that you can download in order to see if it’ to your liking.

The visual novel originally launched at the beginning of July, but it was pretty easy to miss given that the new Steam store layout doesn’t always make it convenient for gamers to see when newer titles are released on the platform unless you specifically follow certain trends and genres. The lack of user reviews seem to indicate that the visual novel didn’t really reach its intended audience all too well.

Nevertheless, you can get your hands on the Cat’s path right now for $7.99 by hitting up the Steam store page or by visiting the official website.


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