Axis Football 2016 Returns With Cheerleaders And Lots Of Modding Options

Axis Games has released the second season of Axis Football 2016 onto Steam. The 3D football simulator features all new game modes, features and functionality to expand on what Axis introduced with the original Axis Football.

The new game sports all new improved AI to give gamers a more competitive Coach Mode and Franchise Mode, in addition to the standard player versus AI mode.

They’ve improved on the graphics, added new dynamic shadows, upgraded the character animations (they’ve added more than 100 new animations to be exact), all new team modifications for the logos, names and uniforms, an overhauled graphical user interface and they’ve even added in cheerleaders.

You can snag a look at the game in action with the trailer below.

One of the things that they decided to focus on with Axis Football 2016 is making the game easy to mod. You can now modify your own jerseys, players and stadiums into the game using templates and various toolsets.

Even if you’re not very good at modding, there are still plenty of other in-game options to tweak to ive the game a different kind of feel for each match, ranging from stadium crowd control to time of day for the matches, all the way to modifiable camera controls.

There’s also an all new announcer, quarterback audio and the ability to add your own broadcast mods. That should be interesting to see if people start modding in their own commentary and uploading it to YouTube.

It’s certainly not Madden NFL quality, but as a starting sports game on PC (and given the dearth of competition on the platform at the moment) it’s not a bad title for sports fans craving for some decent football action on PC.

The game is available right now over on the Steam store for only $19.99. The few user reviews that are available have given the game some decent marks.


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