Battlefield 1 Gameplay Videos Show Horses, Flamethrowers And Tanks

Footage of horses, flamethrower dude and tanks are now front and center thanks to two new gameplay videos. Although the footage was captured by different YouTubers, showing the map of Sinai and other content, it’s clear that the game is still in an early stage with some unpolished features. EA and DICE game, Battlefield 1, is set to come out for PC, PS4 and Xbox One on October 21st.

Speaking of unpolished content in the game, we can clearly see in the top corner that the game is in “Pre-Alpha”. This is clear to the eye when things start disappearing quickly, floating in the air while dead, weapons/characters stretching across the screen, along with other problems.

In addition, I know a lot of WW1 folks aren’t too pleased with how some of the stuff comes across in the game, which I’m in the same boat too, but the devs announced that the game would be a “modern twist” on the era, which can be found on

However, if you aren’t into all the history stuff and seek to play the game on release, two new videos show actual gameplay footage of horses in action, which aren’t glitchy to my surprise.

The horses are followed by flamethrower dude, a smaller tier tank, and airplanes. The first video comes in by Jackfrags who posted up footage of the TwoAngryGamers playing, while the second video comes in by XfactorGaming.

As seen above, the flamethrower and heavy machine gun weapons are not classes, but pickups found in crates. All one has to do is approach the crate and wield the weapon to become either of the two. This means that they are not a class you can just spawn in as, they must be located in designated areas of the map.

EA and DICE take on WW1, better known as Battlefield 1, is set to come out for PC, PS4 and Xbox One on October 21st.


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