Bears Can’t Drift!? Available Today On PS4

Starting later today you’ll be able to download Bears Can’t Drift!? from developer Arran Langmead and publisher Strangely Named Studio.

The game recently exited from out of Early Access and launched in full on Steam on August 8th for $12.99. You can pick up a copy of the game for 20% off the normal price for the first week of its availability on the Steam store.

At around 5:00pm EST you’ll be able to download Bears Can’t!? from the PlayStation Store via PSN.

Team VVV managed to pick up the news and do a brief write-up about, explaining that it’s one of the first commercially released Unreal Engine 4 games that happens to be built from the ground-up using nothing but the in-engine Blueprints. That’s an impressive feat. You can see how well the game handles and what it plays like by checking out the trailer below.

Bears Can’t Drift houses 12 playable tracks, three different game modes for both single-player and split-screen multiplayer, along with special power-ups and pick-ups to help turn the tide during a match. The three modes include Time Trial, Single Race and Checkpoint.

One of the things that separates Bears Can’t Drift!? from other titles is that the entire game’s options menu takes place through a hub world, where you drive around to select the gameplay options.

It’s a neat little, independently made throwback game to the classic kart-racers from the 32 and 64-bit eras.

Bears Can’t Drift!? managed to make it through the Steam Greenlight phase and the game was then iterated and upgraded as it made it through the Early Access phase and now that it’s officially out on Steam it’s now launching on the PlayStation 4. That’s darn impressive and it’s good on the developers for making it through those hardships to bring the game to life for today’s market.

You can grab a digital copy from the Steam store or pick up a copy from PSN for the PS4.

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