Chat Logs Reveal Zoe Quinn Admitting To Sabotaging Polaris Game Jam
(Last Updated On: August 27, 2016)

Polaris and Maker Studios, the multi-channel network organization, had planned a reality TV-style game jam a while back. It all fell to pieces for a number of reasons, but part of it was in deliberate sabotaging by a few of its participants, including Zoe Quinn from Depression Quest fame, Tom Jackson from Surgeon Simulator and Davey Wreden from The Stanley Parable, assuming statements made in a chat log are to be believed.

Citizen journalists released chat logs from a private Skype group for Crash Override Network, which contained individuals like Zoe Quinn, a game developer, Chris Kluwe, a former football player, and a former advocate for Feminist Frequency, Katharine Cross.

The logs were captured between December 22nd, 2014 and January 5th, 2015 and one of the members who were part of the group have verified the veracity of the logs. Some of the chat logs have also been appearing on the Twitter account BroTeamPill.

In one section, Zoe Quinn describes how she and her fellow teammates, Davey Wreden and Tom Jackson, sought to sabotage the Polaris and Maker Studio production… a production that cost Disney (the parent company of Maker) $400,000 according to a report from Eurogamer back in 2014.

Explaining the situation to Chris Kluwe and someone named Peter Coffin, Quinn states in the chat logs that she did not enjoy participating in the reality show and was contractually obligated not to speak ill of Mountain Dew…

“The most humiliating moment in that game jam reality show we walked out on was that the guy who made nidhogg was one of the judges for the embarassing challenges they made us do […] so i got to meet one of my heros while being forced to fingerpaint with jon tron’s idiot ass in the background asking the british member of my team to say words that sounded funny with his accent” […] “also I contractually could not make fun of mountain dew for several months” [sic]

Kluwe responds saying that before signing any sponsorship deals he would oftentimes tell people if the product sucks he would make fun of it, to which Quinn responds…

“[…] dude that was totally my plan going in […] so I did it cause I was the only woman they asked and because I’m a competitive shithead I wanted the only girl to win and they clearly had no idea what they were doing or what jam games were so I was like “ok how can I game this system” “comedy. everyone gets comedy.”


“so I brought on davey wreden from the stanley parable and tom from surgeon simulator for my 2 people I could choose for my team with the arrangement that if it was a shitshow we openly mock it and troll the entire thing.” [sic]

According to Quinn’s post on Gamasutra from March 31st, 2014, Maker and the production crew allegedly forced them to hold cans of Mountain Dew and perform in front of the camera in ways that made Quinn feel it was “wrong”. In her own words, she wrote…

“[…] it’s hard to have gone through something so surreal and emotionally difficult and be forced to stay quiet. About as difficult as smiling dead-eyed at a camera with a soft drink in your hand (label facing outwards, of course) when everything in you is screaming “this is wrong, run away”.”

While on the surface it appeared as if the producers were forcing Quinn and crew into doing things they were uncomfortable with, according to Quinn in the Skype chat logs, they were the ones choosing to dead-eye the camera and forcibly keep putting Mountain Dew cans in the shots in order to “troll” the production.

Quinn explains to Kluwe and Coffin…

“we kept sneaking cans into shots and deadeyeing the cameras and I kept switching glasses between shots and we were slowly holding mt dew cans and bringing them up closer to our faces constantly till they screamed at us to stop.”


“Davey [Wreden] jumped in with both feet and was constantly chugging till he got sick like actually sick. I snuck into everyone’s trailers and hid cans everywhere like in the toilets and under their pillows (this was before everyone else arrived cause I got there first).


“yeah but it went too far into “total shit” territory”

The chat then devolves into a spat that Quinn had with JonTron, where it was claimed that he was “impossible to work with” and that he “hated” everything Quinn came up with. Unfortunately I was unable to get in contact with Quinn for comment because she has me blocked on Twitter.

You can read some of chat logs through the pastebin.

We’ll have up more stories regarding the full chat logs and the discussions therein, including some individuals within the Crash Override Network group doxxing those within #GamerGate.

[Update 8/27/2016:] TotalBiscuit, one of the YouTubers who was part of the Polaris Game Jam, was asked about his involvement with Quinn on a Kotaku In Action thread. He made a brief comment about his involvement with the Game Jam at the end post, simply stating…

“Oh yeah and as it turns out, the time when I put my job on the line to criticize my own employer and defend her and the other participants of the GAME_JAM, she and her cronies at the event were fucking around acting like rank amateurs and deliberately sabotaging the sponsor spots that were paying for the whole thing, not to mention insulting my friend.”

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  • Meittimies

    Honestly not much of a scandal, just another good reason for people never to hire Zoe Quinn on anything.

  • Alistair

    And the plot thicken, TB a fellow brit is quite reasonable. He is a criticism of certain games he didnt like dragon crown as such.

    Does he whine on & on about the sexual themes. Not the same kind of level regression left has. Plus he was a supporter of GG for a time.

    So It confirms quinn is a lier and a bully.

  • Ted Harrold

    why are people (in the know) actin so surprised? The sjws and their feminazi handlers make money off of bein soulless cock huffers without any humanity. Cry wolf? Here’s your patreon paycheque! Act like something that leaked out of their dog’s rectum when it was sick? clearly the neckbeards you doxxed deserve it, and here’s your patreon paycheque, with a bonus!


    I’ll just want to live the rest of my life without ever hearing the names of Zoe Quinn and Anita Sarkeesian

    • Right there with ya, bud.

    • Reaper of Salt

      If only man. If only.

  • bell02

    Great articel but i wonder, did you also inform polaris?

    • Yes. Shortly after the article was published I contacted the organizers about it.

  • Alistair

    Hmmm okay what does looking around the interwebs teach you, it teach me my eyes are bleeding.

    I wont be chasing up infor again. The question did zoe quinn pose nude?

    What make me chase that up some-one posted the link but that not reason the question is as a strong belief SJW high moral compass that topless models, women fictional characters are not allow but in turn the same ones.

    Like Rapp pose nude, zoe quinn too if its not her she is a dead ringer.

    Now if you excuse me as i soak my eyes out. Nipples rings was too much for me. :O

    Edit: What is the moral of this story, is if you hold the high ground you must be consistent. >_>

  • Alistair

    The tide against SJWs starts here when university of Chicago wrote letters stateing that censorship, trigger warning, and safe spaces are not welcome.

    It went on you here to think, and You will feel uncomfortable with people opinions my hat of too UoC basically telling SJWs to Fuck off you here to learn.

    Now i hope the video games industry take note and say there no trigger warning or safe spaces in games your butthurt feelings are unwelcome.

    They should follow UoC footsteps and grow a backbone.

    Edit: the last bit sums it up nicely, “This is Not a day care, but a university”

  • Jakoten

    I used to defend Quinn back in the day, when GamerGate was still fresh in the minds of those who knew of it. At first, I thought she didn’t deserve too much flak. We all made mistakes, and by the end of the day, we all have to forgive and forget. I realized my judgement was pretty poor back then (especially since I was 15 when it happened), and now I see Quinn as nothing more than a poor role model for women who actually want to get into the gaming development industry, as well as a selfish, money grubbing jerkweed of a woman. Seeing her sabotage an event such as this…

    I’d have to say, it’s downright despicable. I can’t believe I used to defend this shell of a woman. Luckily, I don’t feel bad picking her apart every now and then, because, to be honest, I’m so done with how low people will stoop these days, I don’t even bother to check if they’re a man or woman. In all terms, I couldn’t care less, because if you suck on the inside, nothing won’t matter.

    • “and now I see Quinn as nothing more than a poor role model for women”

      The Western mainstream media, academia and education enables and encourages girls and women to have that kind of behaviour

      Which has created all those little cunts on Tumblr, Twitter, etc with the Male Tears mugs

      So never mind Zoe Quinn, the real problem is how the Western media and system is set up to completely depict women as victims and men as the evil oppressors

      Until the media and academia stops the misandrist bullshit, expect more and more Zoe Quinns from the conveyor belt

  • Mr.Towel

    This girl has Borderline Personality Disorder. Seriously, this is not healthy.

  • Mathias Kristiansen

    Well, as much as I dislike the cunt that is Quinn, I imagine participating in a reality-TV-style game jam show sponsored by Mnt Dew, would be an awful experience (anyone remember Playstation’s “Tester”? yikes).

    And JonTron does seem like an annoying person to have to deal with.

    Then again, she could’ve just, not participated, couldn’t she?

  • Kev Lew

    This is one of the rare times I will defend Ms Quinn. I have heard a few other perspectives on this game jam and while her behaviour is that of a small child having a tantrum in school there were fundamental flaws with that production that were there with or without the participants. I don’t see Disney doing anything about these specific leaked logs as a lot of those involved had terrible experiences.

  • Alistair

    Bang just like that, you see what SJW femmnazis with-Out the moral compass. If a male dev said the same thing to a woman good god we wont hear the end of it.

    Calling herself a shithead is sarcasm troll if a male called her a shithead it woman victimhood all over again.

    She doesn’t know how to stop.

  • C G Saturation

    Even with irrefutable proof or evidence of a crime, SJWs would still deny it. They only listen and believe.

    A while ago, a friend insisted Eron is a piece of shit because no matter what, you don’t publicize such private matters. Which is somewhat understandable, but they also argued that Eron only publicized it because “his male pride was hurt”. That friend is a regular of NeoGAF, so you can tell he’s brainwashed.

    The thing is, ZQ is an absolutely terrible person who keeps screwing everyone else over. Hellspawn like that know they can keep pulling shit behind the scenes and people will spare or defend her from public scrutiny.

    • Mr.Towel

      While the release of their private details is a matter of ethical concern… I don’t think the case about nepotism in this industry would get this much attention without the whole cheating thing.

      If Eron just came around saying “Hey there people. I know a girl who fucked her way in this industry in exchange of some good favors”. Most people would just say “Oh yeah? prove it.”, then he would show some proof that would soon would be forgotten and most people would not care shit about it, like the many times it has happened before gamergate and people quickly forgot about.

      The way Eron did it, might have not been right, but sent shock-waves that scarred the mind of many. It became an important point in the industry.

      • Erthwjim

        He didn’t really write his post to call out the gaming industry though, he wrote it to call out the ex, because she manipulated him, emotionally blackmailed him, etc. He wanted people to know she wasn’t the innocent person she tried to portray herself as in public. Gaming just happened to be the back story that others picked up on. I don’t see an issue with his post, he wasn’t saying she slept around for good reviews, he was just saying, she slept around while dating him exclusively (supposedly) and here are a couple of the people she slept with.

        I just find it odd that if you were to switch the genders and he was the one that did everything she did, SJWs would then complain about him and how horrible a person he was. I think it even happened recently, not with those two specific people, but a woman called out her ex for his horrible behavior that was quite similar to ZQ’s behavior, not one peep from the SJW crowd saying how horrible said girl was for posting such a thing, just them backing her up and saying how horrible the guy was.

        • Mr.Towel

          That I don’t remember very clearly. I do remember some interview he gave posted on a pastebin in which he says that he did it partially because of the corruption inside the game industry, but that could be he changing his own story, I can’t really tell. It’s clear from the Zoe Post that he was giving a warning about Zoe specifically though, you’re right.

          The double standard thing drives me mad as well. I don’t care about the double standard itself, if anything, at least it’s their acknowledgment that men and women are substantially different. What drives me mad is the hypocrisy. The use of the “double standard” just as a rhetorical weapon to silence debates and ideas.

          Most feminists and SJW don’t really care about equality, not in it’s most pure concept. What they believe is that: “As social class X were oppressed and suffered in the hands of social class Y in the past, social class X has the right (and sometimes even the duty) to be unjust, aggressive and violent over class Y from today and be free of criticism of their own faults, so therefore, everything is permitted for the sake of the revolution”. That’s why they can err and be free of the weight in their consciousness, all the blood spilled is for the good cause, it’s for the righteous revolution and therefore justified.

          Really, it makes me sick. It’s a very disturbed sense of Justice.

  • How does someone this wretched get this far? She comes from money, sure, but don’t you think the SOURCE of that money would see the kind of crap she’s doing and slap her in the snout, telling her to buck up her act?

    She may not get hers today, but one day, she’s going to cross the wrong person, a person who has the power and influence, and strong principles, who hates people like her. On that day, her career will end.

    She’ll find herself outcast and alone, not trusted even by her closest friends, with no money (as she’ll be cut off from the Van Valkenburg bank account), and she’ll have to make her way up the old-fashioned way. I don’t think she has the constitution, the brains, or the throat to do it.

    • C G Saturation

      I suspect it’s because they always get away with it. They may never get theirs, because someone is always willing to take the fall for them.

      So oppressed and helpless. Not.

      • Let’s just hope that at some point, Zoe messes with the wrong individual: someone powerful and influential enough, who won’t let someone else take the fall for Zoe; someone who will make Zoe do it alone; someone who will stop at nothing to prevent her from screwing other people around.

    • “How does someone this wretched get this far?”

      Because the mainstream media, news media and mainstream games media enable her to

  • bell02

    wew, someone should tell polaris about this.

  • Erthwjim

    How did she even know those 2 developers? They seem to have actually made games, she made shit, why would they even agree to go along?

    • Sevuz

      Lies, charm and sex can get the right person fare

      • C G Saturation

        No Y chromosomes and you’re on the right track.

  • I’ve contacted Maker Studio already (couldn’t get a word out of Matti, though) and the only way Pepsi would care is if there was like a Twitter/e-mail campaign to make them care.

  • Michael P

    Yeah, I’m gonna be the odd one out here in that this is the only thing involving Quinn where I’m actually laughing with her. The whole thing sounded like one big clusterfuck run by brand experts trying to commercialise gaming with Big Brother style reality garbage trying to bring on Dorito Pope 2: Electric Boogaloo.

    Sorry but fuck that noise, she actually caused some lulz on this occasion. The energy drink companies peddling their rat poison slush piss me off enough in Motorsports, keep that lame shit out of gaming.

    • That’s fine that they didn’t like all the corporate sponsorship and stuff… but why agree to do it and contractually sign yourself under their production outfit and then attempt to sabotage the whole thing if you didn’t like the corporate stuff?

      We get offers and deals that come through here all the time, and I’m not above having a meeting or two with some of these outfits but at the end of the day if it doesn’t fit in line with the direction of the site or they’re trying to skirt FTC regulation, why sign on the dotted line and then get pissy about it?

      • Michael P

        That’s a fair point and an hypocrisy I’m fully aware of but if Quinn and co want to sabotage career opportunities for the greater good, I’m fine with it.

        There’s nothing wrong with advertising in and of itself and I don’t judge people trying to monetize their content to make a living but not within products I’m already paying for or things like art. There also comes a point where the advertising starts to permeate every aspect of things it’s only meant to be there to support (like sport) and drink companies are currently some of the fucking worst for that shit.

        • Reptilian Hunter

          This is a battle that was lost a long time ago. Especially when it comes to TV shows and movies.

          See a car in a TV show? That was negotiated between the producer and the company. It’s product placement. Somebody’s using an Apple iMac in a movie? Negotiated. Every prop that isn’t a fake generic brand was a negotiated product placement deal.

          Product placement is a decent portion of funding production. Without it, producers would be unable to even create a show or movie without selling off every single right they have in the production.

          • Michael P

            The other forms of media are lost to it, this I know but games themselves (for the most part) are still relatively free from it and yeah, ultimately games will likely succumb to it too but when their attempts to commercialize it fail, I can’t help but cheer from the sidelines.

        • The Deuce

          “if Quinn and co want to sabotage career opportunities for the greater good”

          Right, that’s what it was for. The greater good.

          • Michael P

            Obviously they did it mostly for “muh sexism” but the fact they were taking the piss out of Mtn Dew at every opportunity shows the commercialization was a factor too.

    • hurin

      I don’t think there is any way that show would have become a success. But signing on as a contestant, sabotaging it, getting Matti fired (even if he was a douche), and then brag about it. Is a shit thing to do.

      • Michael P

        Yup, she’s a shitty person, we all know this but in this instance she helped a shitty thing fail and even if her reasons weren’t completely rational, the end result was good imo, that’s why I’m not at all bothered she did it.

  • Hawk Hopper

    “I snuck into everyone’s trailers and hid cans everywhere like in the toilets and under their pillows (this was before everyone else arrived cause I got there first).”

    This childish invasion of privacy strikes me as really inconsistent with somebody who wants victims of cyber slap fights to giver her and her organization their info.

    But I am quoting Zoe Quinn.

  • GeekVariety

    If Im not mistaken Jon Tron stated publicly he couldn’t speak about the event, nor could anyone else, due to everyone involved having been made to sign an NDA.

    Im no lawyer mind you, but I know what an NDA is (Non-Disclosure Agreement) and if she was bound by having signed one, and the logs prove(?) she broke the NDA, well, she can be sued for breach of a legally binding contract.

    Not to mention the whole sabotage thing, they could probably put her ass through the ringer for that as well.

    • Sevuz

      She would just use the victim, sexist and misogyny cards.

      • Then we’ll just have to play the ‘it’s time to grow the fuck up and learn personal responsibility’ card.

        False victim status only works so long as it’s profitable. We find a way to suffocate the profitability of being a ‘victim’, and all the sudden, people won’t want to waste the energy keeping up the facade.

        A house of lies is a house of cards. The lightest scrutiny can send the entire house of lies tumbling down. Zoe is living a lie, as are many of her friends.

        This is why she and her friends are closing ranks, blocking people, and trying to get these large platforms to censor the people calling them out. They have a lot to lose if enough people find out who they really are.

        That’s why they’re losing their shit over Bro Team Pill’s chat log leaks. That’s why they completely lost their minds over GamerGate circa late-2014.

        The GamerGate people aren’t easily bullied into silence. These people aren’t easy to shake off. They’ll trace your scent back at least a decade if they have to, as they did with Sarah Nyberg and the 8-year-old cousin chat logs.

        The truth will get out there, come Hell or high water. It’s a lot easier to save face when you own up to it than it is when you make excuses for it.

      • The Deuce

        Fortunately, “victim, sexist and misogyny cards” aren’t legal arguments.

        • scemar

          they kinda are, statistically speaking, as they do reduce the likelyhood of receiving punishment and the severity of the punishment by a considerable amount

          can’t remember the actual numbers but the punishment reduction was quite big

          • Darth Revan

            I’d imagine that wouldn’t be the case in a sabotage thing.

        • Ted Harrold

          HAHAHAHA! Go look up Nicole Ducett hitman case and get back to us.

        • VGA

          Depends on the judge.

    • Sevuz

      She would just use the victim, sexist and misogyny cards.

    • C G Saturation

      Sadly, the law is only there for us poor people. They’re not going to sue their best friends or their best friends’ families.

    • LurkerJK

      They could pursue her for several things, sabotage is no joke, many ppl lost their jobs after that failure too and reputations exploded.

      However she is able to lift up quite a shit storm and i doubt Disney or Mountain Dew wants to deal with that with nothing to gain for it.

      Corporations usually cut loses, revenge brings nothing positive back so they do not pursue it, at most they hold grudges and blacklist names.

  • scemar

    now imagine all the stuff she has done, and the rest of her buddies have done, which we still do not know about

    imagine all the stuff they have colluded and conspired to do and keep secret

    • FlamingoJet

      Well then Gamergate, got some work to do, huh?

    • C G Saturation

      Not hard to imagine. It’s everywhere around us now. There’s so much cronyism, nepotism and corruption going on everywhere, that any day now, the entire system is going to collapse, and it won’t be our fault because we weren’t the ones gaming or breaking the system for personal gain.

  • Crackhead Bob

    Zoe Quinn purposely causing drama and claiming victimization because of it? Whoda thunk it

  • bob

    I can’t tell who’s more pathetic. Zoe or her white knights.

  • Fear Me I Am Free

    I always knew she was a shitty person, but my god.

    • C G Saturation

      Well, she allegedly boasted about murdering a man in cold blood and never got in trouble for it. At this rate, she’ll be running for U.S. president.

  • hurin

    Matti Leshem lost his job over this. It was not just some stupid production that she sabotaged.

    • Vinsonie

      I went to look up matti leshem and on his wiki page this it what I found regarding the incident. I almost forgot that wikipedia was full of these fucks.

      GAME_JAM controversy[edit]
      In 2014, Leshem, as a middleman for sponsor PepsiCo, came under criticism for disrupting GAME_JAM, a Maker Studios-developed reality show about a competitive game jam.[11] Leshem reportedly intended to deliberately stir up the participants by repeatedly asking sexist questions in the presence of female developers, which led to his eventual removal from the project and, despite this, the event’s failure.[12]

      • hurin

        It’s cute really. The media sites interview the people responsible for sabotaging the gamejam, who all point the finger at Matti. And Wikipedia then treats their slander as reliable sources.

        Wikipedia has become worse and worse over the years as the normal people quit, because edit-warring with people like Ryulong simply isn’t their idea of a good time.

  • Eric Kelly

    Will, you should have talked to Jon Tron to see if her ideas were in fact complete garbage or to verify that he did indeed shoot down her ideas because they sounded not fun. Also with this new information could Maker/Polaris attempt to sue these people for intentional sabotage?

    • Jon wasn’t really the target of the story, so it didn’t seem necessary to involve him. He also stated back in 2014 he didn’t want to get involved with this stuff. I could ask him, though, but I doubt he’ll answer.

      And yes, they definitely could sue if there was enough evidence to cite that they were intentionally trying to damage the production after signing a contract.

      • Livnthedream

        After they trended that hashtag on him about that ‘playstation is retarded’ comment I am not surprised if he wants to stay out of this shit.

      • boag

        you should really ask, also try to get in contact with Maker to see what their thoughts are.

        • I tried getting in contact with the producer of the show (the one who was fired) but he wouldn’t budge. I just tried JonTron right now, but again… I doubt he’ll respond. But we’ll see.

      • popehentai

        I too would be intersted in maker/polaris take on all this.

        Jon might want to keep his nose clean and his mouth shut, and understandably so, but Polaris has a vested interest in knowing this… It may cement a few brick into place that had previously been shaky.

        • d0x360

          Jon has zero reason to comment. He’s far more successful than they will ever be and we already know he hates ZQ and this gamejam was why.

          How the hell did she even get invited? Before this jam nobody knew who she was. She had done nothing in gaming to warrant any inclusion so wtf?

          She will die broke and alone. Let her enjoy her free money for now. It won’t last and she’s such a fuckup her family won’t leave her shit.

          • Sevuz

            Like Anita I guess she was able to lie or charm her way into events and debates in the past. Now thanks to that BS they can both earn money on people dumb or naive enough believing them.

          • popehentai

            No doubt. as i said, he is likely to keep his nose clean on the whole debacle. He hasnt said much, but what he has said is more than enough in the most polite and affable way possible. thats one of the reasons i enjoy his work in general, he just seems “fun”.

            How did Quinn get invited? Now THATS a story i’d like to hear. her “work” up until that point was negligible garbage. Crappy flash games and a timer that kept track of how long you stared at a picture of Jeff Goldblum. A choose your own adventure text game made in a bad html editior. Using google its honestly difficult to even find out WHAT games shes “worked” on, or anything she did before her dried turd, “depression quest”. i’d wonder if it ties in with the “five guys” part of her story.

          • C G Saturation

            Probably the same way Dina became community manager at Crapcept: by banging people. ZQ even has a long record of doing that, so it’s likely.

          • “How the hell did she even get invited? Before this jam nobody knew who she was. She had done nothing in gaming to warrant any inclusion so wtf?”

            Because vagina which means “diversity” and “inclusivity” PR points

          • d0x360

            But there are plenty of female indie devs more qualified and in this case I don’t see sex being a motivator but you never know

          • I think vagina is definitely one of the factors, another factor I think is because Quinn is seen as a “victim” by the mainstream media.

            So the people who invited her can boast “look at us! we are pro-women! we fight for women’s rights! we are diverse!” etc. to get those precious PR points and keep the SJW/feminist lynch mob away

          • Bitterbear

            How many of those who actually have skills are willing to (literally) fuck their way to the top?

          • Erthwjim

            Probably not sex being a motivator, but as the indie clique is one big circle jerk between them and the games media, she probably had made connections with the right people.

          • d0x360

            Of course. I don’t mean to imply it’s ALL about sex I’m just making the point that she uses sex and her sexuality as a weapon and if you combine that with a guy who might be shy or not be great with women…they are easy targets.

            That’s all

      • Eric Kelly

        well here is hoping more evidence comes to light

    • The Deuce

      One of her ideas was Depression Quest. What else do you need to know?

  • Christ, is there actually any redeeming features of Zoe Quinn at all?

    • Livnthedream

      Obviously she has a golden pussy.

      • BlackCat

        No. She’s a person who is willing and manipulative in a sea filled with thirsty nu-male types.

        • KiTA

          It doesn’t help that she’s from a richer than shit family who bankrolled her at least at the start, as well as helping her with networking throughout. The reason she doensn’t use her real name of Chelsea van Valkenburg is because her family doesn’t want all her stupidity leaking out on them.

      • d0x360

        I highly doubt it. Nothing about her is golden. She hideous physically and as a human being in general. Its just a case of guys with no social skills trying to get laid. Just look at the group as a whole. A bunch if rejects who never managed to grow out of it.

        The problem is ZQ is also a manipulative opportunist.

        • Livnthedream

          > Its just a case of guys with no social skills trying to get laid.

          Which is why she had her married boss on the line, as well as several others that clearly *do* have social skills.

          • d0x360

            Married guy doesn’t mean he had social skills and having general social skills doesn’t mean you have social skills when it comes to attracting a potential mate.


          • Livnthedream

            >doesn’t mean

            Right. Makes much more sense that they are eternally thirsty dudes because that is what you have to believe for [reasons]. See, I can handwave too.

          • d0x360

            Jesus dude seriously?

            Do any of those guys come off as smooth in any way shape or form? No they don’t. They come off as weirdos and we are basing this on Zoey effing Quinn the chick who posed nude for money and is an abusive using piece of scum.

            You go on ahead and continue to think these guys are all Casanova if you want lol.

            Haha haha the thought of it makes me belly laugh it really does. Hey have you ever seen pictures of them? Do those dirty, skinny little boys with shaggy hair look like lady killers to you? Sure do to me… ROFL

          • Livnthedream

            Why do you feel the need to put everything in the most hyperbolic terms possible and then shit on those that disagree? Where did I ever even pretend to claim:

            You go on ahead and continue to think these guys are all Casanova if you want lol.

            Seriously? Stop being what you claim to hate you fucking idiot.

          • d0x360

            I wasn’t shitting on anyone and my post is written in a way that’s having some fun. Why don’t you chill out a bit.

            Omg Casanova and an lol! Are you really hung up on THAT?

            Fucking idiot huh…well if you gotta pull out insults I guess you lost the argument. Insults are the desperate attack of the loser. It’s no different than starting to filibuster mid argument. Nice work.

            As for hating people, I never claimed to hate anyone. I was pointing out some pretty obvious truths about these people.

            Wait a min…why are you defending the Quinn brigade? Is my post about being a guy with no game hitting close to home or something I mean come on? What’s your issue?

            Doesn’t matter. I’ve given my opinion I’m not going to keep arguing with you like some kind of internet retard so you go right on ahead and think what you want, say what you want. I’ve already spoken my peace.

          • Livnthedream

            So you say this:

            well if you gotta pull out insults I guess you lost the argument. Insults are the desperate attack of the loser. It’s no different than starting to filibuster mid argument. Nice work.

            and then 2 sentences later spew this:

            Wait a min…why are you defending the Quinn brigade? Is my post about being a guy with no game hitting close to home or something I mean come on? What’s your issue?

            Go home hypocrite, you’re drunk.

          • d0x360

            If you insult me I’ll insult you right back. Fact of the matter is you couldn’t make your point without resorting to insults. Sorry but that’s something kids need to do when they argue. It doesn’t mean i won’t flat out insult you…not at all. Just means I don’t think it’s required to have a conversation.

            They say don’t argue with idiots because they bring you down to their level where they have more experience so they will always win.

            Which means (just in case you need help) if you can’t win an argument you devolve it into something else like insults for example and while I’m quite certain I can insult with the very best I see no need to lower myself when talking about ZQ so I’ll toss you a little barb in response to your insults and move about my business.

            Hope that helps.

            Take care.

          • Ted Harrold

            “eternally thirsty” Her boss was married and cheating with that pigdog. Clearly the man is a paragon of social skills and judgement. Oh, sorry, are you done defending zoe and her clown-car vagina now, or do you want a short rest to polish up the fedora on that white knight suit of armor?

          • Livnthedream

            Where did I defend her?

      • Bitterbear

        Not Golden, but a Snapper one:

      • DutchSanta

        Meh, I saw it. Wasn’t really anything special.

    • Viredae

      Look at it this way, now everyone else looks good in comparison.

    • Sevuz

      Was there to begin with? 😛

    • Sevuz

      Was there to begin with? 😛

    • Bitterbear

      Rumour has it that she’s the Earthen reincarnation of the goddess of cocksucking.

  • Vcom7418

    “[…] it’s hard to have gone through something so surreal and emotionally difficult and be forced to stay quiet. About as difficult as smiling dead-eyed at a camera with a soft drink in your hand (label facing outwards, of course) when everything in you is screaming “this is wrong, run away”.”
    Also, really sorry to read that Wreaden and Jackson, guys who created a very thought provoking and a fun game respectively, be in on it.

  • Mephisto