Conception 2 On PC Combines Dating, Child Raising And Dungeon Crawling

If you’re in the mood for something a bit different, Spike Chunsoft has you covered with their game Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars. It combines simulated dating with RPG dungeon-crawling and spawning kids and sending them into battle.

Players take on the role of a dandy fop who must fiddle his way into the hearts of his female Disciples, all in an attempt to create special bonds that can rear Star Children. These special little muffin tops are then sent into battle against dark forces who want to bring ruin to the world.

The game combines visual novel dating elements, dungeon crawling and RPG battle mechanics. It’s like ultimate Otaku culture pastime. You can check out the original trailer below.

The game originally came out for the Nintendo 3DS a year ago and now it’s finally making its way to PC. Spike Chunsoft has been porting over a ton of their rare, Japanese themed games to PC recently. And unlike Nintendo and some other publishers, they’ve been trying hard to port over their games to PC without all the censorship and nonsense.

Exclusive for Steam is the trading cards, which includes seven backgrounds and 10 emotes for players to unlock, along with a 20% first-week discount that includes a bungle with the mini-original soundtrack for Conception II.

As you improve your dating bonds with the girls at the academy and create stronger Star Children, you can then unlock more battle power and more devastating abilities to utilize against the monsters. There are 30 different Star Children classes to unlock and utilize on the battlefield.

The Steam users are absolutely loving the game. Out of the reviews filed so far, majority of them have been very positive for Conception II. A lot of fans of JRPGs and dating sims have flocked to the game and are giving it a big, thick, thumbs up.

You can pick up a copy right now for $19.99 but as mentioned, for the first week you’ll only have to pay $15.99. You can learn more by hitting up the Steam store page.


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