Crash Override Network Members Supported Randi Harper’s Attempted Dox On #GamerGate Supporters
(Last Updated On: August 27, 2016)

Chat logs from a Skype chat consisting of people having some association with the Crash Override Network have been appearing online after the logs were recorded and saved by a former member of the group. The logs have been spread around publicly and are currently available through Kotaku In Action and 8chan. The logs have been verified by former member of the group, Ian Miles Cheong, and by activist, Randi Harper.

In one particular section of the chat logs, they discuss ways to punish, out and blacklist supporters of #GamerGate. Following discussions about Ben Kuchera from Polygon trying to get someone fired from the sporting goods store Dick’s, things began to move toward talk about ways of cutting off funding for certain people that they associated with #GamerGate, as well as attempting to get #GamerGate supporters blacklisted from employment.

According to one member named Secret Gamer Girl, she writes…

“My ideal endgame pretty much goes like this: Chobitcoin, Brennan, and Roguestar in prison. Cernovich disbarred. TFYC… given whatever treatment you get in Canada for massive fraud. Lianna properly exposed and never able to find honest work again. The people doing this professionally cut off and at LEAST a big rattled by investigations. Rank and file GGers, scared straight from seeing all that.”

According to the logs, a certain Athena Hollow wanted to financially ruin Frederick Brennan, known as Hotwheels within the chan communities. [Correction: Brennan used to run 8chan, the free-speech centric imageboard]. Hollow writes…

“yeah, I think our best bet on funding is if the sites won’t kill the funding, to go directly to the [credit card] processors.”

But things begin to turn a little more focused when Randi Harper, the creator of the #GamerGate autoblocker list, introduces a way for them to start outing people who they might be friends with on Facebook. Remy writes…

“Randi just dropped how we can scrub our Facebook friends list of closet Gaters”


[…] “I’m with Randi and SF on the point that releasing and using their public Facebook groups as a roster to cross-reference anyone sending death threats is perfectly acceptable and not the same “doxing” terror tactic used by GG”

Remy then goes on to explain that taking the names and information from the Facebook groups and spreading them around publicly was to help with identifying members of #GamerGate and not to for people to send threats to the members of the Facebook group, writing…

“[…] Randi didn’t release that information to send threats, she released it for people to send her requests for information to report to the police.”

Izzy Galvez also praises Randi for making the information widely available, writing…

“Randi, you are kicking ass by pointing out how careless they were for joining public facebook groups”

The tweets from Randi Harper were originally made on January 3rd, 2015 and have been screen-capped for posterity.

Further down the thread Harper adds the caveat that she would be “surprised” if anyone actually did use the information as an industry blacklist.

Nevertheless, according to Harper, not everyone was pleased with her releasing the information in the way that she did, but admits that she stands by the decision, writing…

“[Twitter user A Man In Black] is unhappy with me. I knew some people would be. I thought about it for a while before posting the URLs. it was a personal decision. I stand by it.”

Abuse support specialist, Izzy Galvez, supported Harper in the data dump containing the names of people associated with #GamerGate, stating…

“I’m surprised he is. All it’s doing is pointing out that they have chosen to publicly associate their real names and accounts with GamerGate.”

Dan Olsen, from the Channel Awesome show Folding Ideas, justified the leaks of names by stating that some of the groups that were being outed regarding #GamerGate were public…

“The biggest one, GamerGate2014, isn’t even a private group.” […] “and the second biggest #GamerGate Ultras, is fully public.”

According to Harper, she was “pissed” and was hoping to use the exposure of the Facebook groups and the names of the people therein to become “GG enemy #1”, explaining…

“I’ve got better resources than most for dealing with this kind of shit, [to be honest]. i’ve got money to stay in hotels if necessary. Randi Harper: and i’m just kind of used to it. i’ve been through the ED song and dance before Randi Harper: this shit ceases to bother me.”

Izzy Galvez proceeded to link to the thread on Kotaku In Action detailing Randi Harper’s outing of #GamerGate members from the Facebook groups and laughing at members of Kotaku In Action being concerned about the implications that could follow.

Harper, however, explained to the group that she did not care what Kotaku In Action thought or any other individuals using #GamerGate…

“[A Man in Black is] worried that they are going to say i’m pro-doxxing, and i’m trying to explain to him that I really don’t give a fuck what they think about me. they have no affect on my livelihood. AAA gaming is partially bankrolling ggautoblocker. so. they don’t know that part, and I don’t want them to know that part.”


[for what it’s worth], [A Man in Black] is going to speak out publicly against me so other we don’t all get painted with the same doxxer brush […] let him.”

No one in the group seemed particularly opposed to Harper’s tactics. Instead, Remy explains that it’s not using “[GamerGate’s] tactics” but “reminding them of them”…

“I honestly think the major theme for all of our “Anti-GG” (or Auntie Gee-Gee, as I call her) could aptly be described as “Weaponized Irony” Because we aren’t going to fight fire with fire. We won’t USE their tactics. We’ll just remind them of them as they get burned by their own behavior lol”

The tactics weren’t all innocent, however. Back during September, 2014, Jason Miller was fired from his job after SJWs allegedly contacting his employers because started up the NotYourShield hashtag for minorities that were against Social Justice Warrior politics, according to a report from Niche Gamer.

Many others have also tried to remain anonymous in their support for #GamerGate and the aim for better ethics in media journalism because groups – as evidenced in the Crash Override Network chat logs – were intent on getting people fired for supporting #GamerGate.

Some independent developers have confessed in private, off the record, that they would like to provide more support for gamers and the community regarding #GamerGate, but they don’t want to risk their studios being put in jeopardy or blacklisted, as indicated above in the chat logs.

I was unable to reach out to Randi Lee Harper because I’m on her #GamerGate autoblocker list.

However, Twitter user Benjimus Maximus managed to capture a string of tweets from Harper, who commented about the chat logs, writing on Twitter…

“so, some logs – that are not CO logs – were leaked I guess? Just from an old skype chat. And gaters are going nuts. Some are edited, but [whatever]


“In particular, they are SUPERMAD that over a year ago, I tweeted a few URLs to public facebook groups of gamergaters, & that it was planned. So let’s talk about that. This happened after another activist was being terrorized by that same crowd. She was not doing well. I knew when I tweeted it that it would make them angry. I knew they’d focus their rage on me – someone with resources to deal with it. It worked. I handled it. She got some relief. Gamergaters were manipulated & outplayed, & they are just now finding out. Watch that salt.”

According to a HeatStreet article, Feminist Frequency financially backs Crash Override Network, and Feminist Frequency is on Twitter’s Trust & Safety Council, as outlined over on the Twitter blog.

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  • anopolis

    those people are ugly as hell on the inside…i mean really. The question I have is, Do they know they’re that mean spirited and ugly? surely theres, “its coming from a good place” they’d kill for their ideology…do any of em sit back and say “ya know, maybe we shouldn’t be such asshats.” the asshattery is so strong with these people. I don’t want them destroyed, even now! i want them to just be a little honest with us and themselves…it would fix most everything

  • C G Saturation

    Still depressing that people actually support and fund those assholes.

  • doctorwhocommentator .

    to those developers that can’t speak publicly I encourage you to speak in kia on anonymise account’s verified by the mod’s, that goes for AAA’s too, it would be good to have some Q&A’s to have some moral support.

  • ☆ Cyborgwolf ☆

    I can confirm that the day she release the groups my personal FB account was targeted almost immediately

  • metroid_fetish

    I would fuck Randi Harper with a harpoon.

  • Russell Smith

    Randi Harper, at this point, is irrelevant. She torpedoed her career, alienated everyone around her, and is a source nobody cites. While she may insist that her enemies (the whole world) is ‘salty’, what I and probably many others feel is pity that she’d let herself be led down a path where all she gets when she pokes her head out of her echo chamber is unbridled hatred.

    • Mr.Towel

      It’s amazing actually. They have become completely delusional. They really believe that their faults are morally justified. They have completely lost touch with the real world. It’s somewhat sad.

      • C G Saturation

        I think you just accurately defined “SJW”.

  • BuzzardZ

    Wow this has got to be embarrassing.

  • Gorgon

    What is Crash Override even supposed to do? Their description is vague as fuck. Considering who is in charge of it, doxing is pretty much the only thing I ever expected them to do.

    • C G Saturation

      Crash Override Network is abbreviated as CON. That’s what they do.

  • scemar

    their endgame is to utterly crush and destroy their targets, financially, legally, for life
    and their means are anything they can use, anything

    and what triggers them into those vendettas of ultimate destruction? being told they are not right in their opinions

    those are the enemies of free speech of today, and yet they have positioned themselves as both, its alleged protectors, and also its alleged victims

    anyone trying to criticize them, will have to face their wrath because free speech isn’t free

    if you are not with them, they see you as being against them

    that puts 99% of the population as their next potential target, yet they don’t know it

    that’s what needs to change in my opinion
    people need to know about the monsters that hide behind nice words

  • Michael P


    HAHAHAHA!!! The narcissistic, blue haired animal abuser sure does have a high opinion of herself, the political importance of that shitty code she once wrote and the abusive tweets she writes whilst allegedly protecting people from other “abusive tweets”.

    Her patreon victim bux have been slowly dropping for a while now so it seems her relevance (even in her own circles) must be too.

    That AAA list would be interesting to see. I’m sure EA/BioWare are on it but it’d be nice to know who else to relegate to strictly G2A purchases.

  • BrahmsTwiter

    Great find! I do have some questions though, is there anything that can be done with this information? Any legal consequences? If so, who could file?

    • Michael P

      If what they said about the information already being publicly available is true, then there’s nothing that could be done legally. If you put the information out there, somebody reposting it elsewhere isn’t a crime. It’s why we’re ALL encouraged to keep certain things private.

      I can see doxxing being labeled a crime in the future though, the laws haven’t quite caught up with the internet yet but they’ll get around to it eventually.

    • There could be civil suits filed IF any of the exposure of the Facebook groups through Harper’s Twitter and the anti-GG networks did legitimately result in individuals losing their jobs. There would have to be proof of intent to cause damage to livelihood and proof that employers were motivated behind the scenes to not hire individuals.

      All of that is a long shot, though.

      • Alistair

        That rest our case they are Not immune above the Law sure they can bitch use racist/sexist/misogyny card at us.

        But any sane person would think any one wanting some one job to end is still kind of cyperbulling via doxing.

        But the true is why no such action on them but to the average joe public we have no friends in high places.

        Close ranked comes to mind.

        Edit: About swatting i read it illegal to swat some-one over there in NA Is that true?

        • Yeah it’s illegal to SWAT people. It’s kind of dumb because they respond ready to make kill-shots based on prankster trolls telling them something serious is happening at a location. But instead of surveying the situation first they send in SWAT, heavily armed and ready to take people down.

        • BrahmsTwiter

          We’ll just have to hold fast and wait. They did eventually get Al Capone on something, even if it was taxes.

      • BrahmsTwiter

        Thanks, its good to see this come out at the very least, as sun light is the best disinfectent, It does however seem to be just showing the cross at Dracula to ward him off instead of flinging open the sunroof but I’ll take what I can get.

  • Alistair

    The last bit of the article sums it just that of hypocrisy these SJWs farts are Antia approved of her ideas and work as twitter safety trust council.

    Twitter that now to censorship, doxing at the same time deleting terrorists tweets. While i approved of deleting terrorist tweets they forgetting the rest.

    That suits them fine doxing is bad when I, you do it but for them its legal that BS and they know it.

    • scemar

      a machiavellian would say that the only reason they finally began deleting terrorist tweets and not all of them and only after years of not doing anything, is because of the coverage they were getting at places like breitbart, and the social media word of mouth and small sites, because it made them look so bad and highlighted the bias they had so well

      “twitter will ban you for calling someone’s mom fat, but they will let you get away with calling everyone to come and rain death on the infidels” it sounded pretty bad right? well now they can say “hey look, we actually did something about that, once”

      it’s the same as how they suspiciously gave a bunch of people verification marks at around the same time twitter stocks were reaching record lows, a string of investors leaving, and new free speech alternatives were being teased for the future

  • Alistair

    What is social justice again. Tell me.

    SJWs social justice is totally different then the norm.

    They cry out in pain when games shows a certain group of people get treated in games. They cry out in pain using online bullying, that is illegal not meaning by calling some-One names.

    Doxing, swatting, death threats, rape threats, chasing out immigration making them feel unwelcome is the only line that should not cross.

    But yet moral compass SJWs using of above reeks hypocrisy.

    & If its against the law for non-Powwer folk could get arrested of doing of the above why tthey not too getting arrested?