Cuphead Multiplayer Gameplay Video Shows More Bosses And Locations

Cuphead, a game designed with 1930’s art in mind like a Silly Symphony cartoon short, is gearing up to release this year for PC and Xbox One. Additionally, Studio MDHR attended Microsoft X16 event to show their 2D shoot ’em up platformer, and some new footage has surfaced thanks to the event.

When most games go retro or seek to unearth the relics of popular art-work, most times it’s 1980’s pixel art that manifests through indie titles, especially as of recent. However, Studio MDHR seeks to bring forth another type of retro art that Disney is most recognized for, which is fluent moving 1930’s animation set against water-colored backgrounds.

Sounding very complex, expensive and interesting at the same time, Cuphead is shaping up quite nicely and just received a new gameplay video showing multiplayer action. Although there are some scenes in the video from Microsoft X16 event that are evident in other videos, we finally get to see some more new gameplay scenes, like below.

Cuphead game 4

The video shows the shopkeeper like in another video that we posted up showing gameplay, and the beginning woods part, which stopped before the “RIP Blob” appeared. We also get to see the flying plane boss transform into a giant moon face that looks quite challenging.

This now brings us to the multiplayer video that Gnarcade posted up, which dabbles into the above and more. I should also note that there is no commentary, but pure gameplay in the video below.

Sadly, the game still doesn’t sport a proper release date and still shows the typical “releasing in 2016” information. What is known about Cuphead is that the 2D platformer will debut on PC and Xbox One.

For more information on the upcoming brutal game, Cuphead, and the devs behind it, you can head on over to


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