Dear Esther: Landmark Edition Coming To PS4, Xbox One Sept 20th

Dear Esther

The Chinese Room’s Dear Esther revolutionized gaming by making walking simulators popular. In fact, it was Dear Esther that helped coin the genre phrase. Well, if you’re into walking simulators and you enjoy games steeped in narrative exposition, you can look to get your hands on Dear Esther: Landmark Edition for the Xbox One or the PlayStation 4 starting September 20th.

This isn’t just a re-release of Dear Esther from 2012 with a controller button layout. The Chinese Room have gone back to the drawing board, refocused all the graphics to take advantage of the new hardware and updated the core gameplay so that it has the performance and “finesse” to run more than adequately on home consoles.

The release of the game on home consoles will also have tie-in events hosted by The Guardian and The Barbican.

Well given that the article so far has only discussed that the game is a walking simulator, some people might actually be interested in finding out exactly what the story is about. Well, they explain that players start off uninhabited island of Hebridean Island. Players are tasked with piecing together the story and puzzle involving the death of a man’s wife and the events that led up to it by gathering bits and pieces of info around the island in order to discover what truly happened.

As mentioned, the game is not about fighting off monsters, destroying a corporation or battling against some big evil. There is no complex puzzle-solving or capturing little critters. It’s an interactive narrative story.

You can look to get your hands on the game courtesy of Curve Digital for the Xbox One and PS4 starting September 20th for $9.99. Of course, if you are not keen on walking sims, you can just pass on by and check out something with a bit more oomph to it.

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