Digimon Universe: Appli Monster Cyber Arena Set To Debut In Japan On September 21st

Are you a fan of Digimon? If you are, Bandai Namco announced that the latest game, Digimon Universe: Appli Monster Cyber Arena, will launch free via the Nintendo eShop on September 21st. I should note that the game is currently set to release in Japan, and will be for the Nintendo 3DS.

Folks that find digital monsters to be exciting should be pleased that a game in the Digimon universe will be available to play over in Japan on September 21st. As of course, the new title, Digimon Universe: Appli Monster Cyber Arena, will be free-to-play via the Nintendo 3DS eShop.

This information comes straight from Bandai Namco and the game’s official website. If you want, you can check out the game’s official site that also details characters and some of the digital monsters, by hitting up appmon-game.bn-ent.net.

Moreover, the game is said to let players experience the opening parts of the retail version of Appli Monster Cyber Arena, which hasn’t been announced yet. However, what is known is that players will be able to battle their friends, and gain new items just by playing everyday.

In addition to the above, any save data from the free-to-play iteration will be applicable with the full release so that all your handwork will be transferred. In the free version you will also be able to build up your deck and use Appmon Chips, too. There’s also no limits to the amount of times the demo can be played, which is a good thing in my opinion.

Looking over to the characters, the main protagonist can be switched at the beginning either to a male or female, and stands to be a childhood friend of Naoto. Later in the future, Naoto drifts away and becomes the protagonist’s rival.

If you missed the official trailer and want to see it, which is restricted in some areas, you can check it out by heading on over the site.

Digimon Universe: Appli Monster Cyber Arena will launch over in Japan for free via the Nintendo 3DS eShop on September 21st. As for a Western release date, we will have to wait for the team to announce one. With that said, you can check out some screenshots for the game below.

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