Doom Sells 1 Million Copies On PC

The NPD Group’s retail numbers for Doom weren’t terribly impressive but the game has managed to become a big seller on PC according to digital sales trackers.

DSO Gaming spotted the news from the approximate figures over on Steam Spy, where it’s reported that 1,036,534 owners have the game on PC.

That’s not a bad figure for PC since launching on May 12th a few months ago. It appears as if id Software has managed to find a strong following from the audience that made Doom a household IP from back in the early 1990s.

The game has sustained a very positive rating from the average PC gamer on Steam, proving that this was no flash in the pan and id Software did right by the Glorious PC Master Race.

Some new DLC recently launched for the game called Until The Evil, focusing on expanding the game’s oftentimes criticized multiplayer component. The DLC contains new weapons to use in the multiplayer, along with three new maps and a new playable demon called the Harvester.

One of the reasons so many people have been pouring praise on id Software’s PC rendition of Doom is because the game has been duly optimized for a wide range of systems, enabling those even with lower and mid-tier rigs to enjoy their journey through the gory and violent realms of hell.

So far if the positive word of mouth keeps up and id Software maintains a similar approach to the upcoming Quake Champions, they could find themselves sitting in a bastion of success from the PC gaming audience alone.

For now Quake Champions will be exclusive to PC, but that could all change sometime down the line. If Doom is any indication, PC gamers should be in for a solid multiplayer romp with the revival of the 1990s FPS classic.

(Main image courtesy of Pheabus2K9)


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