Doorways: Holy Mountains Of Flesh Gets Off To A Positive Start On Steam

Saibot Studios’ Doorways: Holy Mountains of Flesh recently arrived on the Steam store this past week, marking a major milestone for the independent development studio after they managed to get the game Greenlit some time ago. The horror adventure title managed to get off to a good start on the digital storefront, scoring plenty of positive reviews in the process.

The game sees players exploring the El Chacal town in Argentina, where they attempt to finish off a quest that began in the earlier episodes of Doorways. Holy Mountains of Flesh is the fourth episode in the series, where Prelude contained the first two chapters and The Underworld contained the third chapter.

The fourth game chapter explores more of the estate of the Torres family, as well as dives into the more grotesque image that lives up to its namesake.

You can see a four minute gameplay video below featuring some of the scavenging, item collecting and investigating that takes place throughout the environment.

If you enjoy foreboding, dark, brooding, first-person horror-adventure games, Doorways seems to deliver.

Out of the 288 user reviews on hand, 253 are positive. The majority of the reviews pour approbation on Saibot Studios for concluding the series on a high note with Holy Mountains of Flesh. The general consensus is that the puzzles are well done, the horror themes are well done and the story is well done.

Windy City Gaming had already played the game during Early Access but found the finished version just as captivating, writing…

“I am truly amazed at just how good it has been brought together by the devs, and it truly manages to freak me out EVEN after already playing a while back, it strikes up the perfect balance of memories and being like whoah I don’t remember that;) All in all a great treat, especially for the longer term fans that have been here throughout, what a great experience, I love it.. “

The developers apparently did right by the franchise and by gamers, slowly and methodically improving the title through Early Access up toward release. It paid off because according to Steam Spy the game has already surpassed 46,000 units sold, prepping to outpace the 2014 outing Doorways: The Underworld by a sizable margin and it already has a user score that’s 16% higher than the last game.

I suppose you could say that Saibot found a doorway to success with the latest entry in the Doorways franchise.

You can pick up a digital copy from over on the Steam store for $19.99. The game is currently discounted by 25% off for only $14.99 during its first week of being on sale. The entire Doorways series is also discounted by 50% off for a limited time, so you can get all four chapters (spanning three games) for only $19.85.

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