Dragon Quest VII: Fragments Of The Forgotten Past Gains New “Discover Tactics” Trailer

Square Enix and Nintendo just dropped a new video explaining a few things regarding the classic combat system in the upcoming Dragon Quest VII: Fragments Of The Forgotten Past. The 3DS remake of Dragon Quest VII offers over 30 classes, and brings a “tactical” system to its take-turn battles. The 3DS remake of Dragon Quest VII is set to debut on September 16th.

Those who have been keeping track with the latest Dragon Quest games will notice that the battles play out in real time. Real time battles aren’t a bad thing for RPGs, but those who enjoy the classic take-turn battle system found in the original Dragon Quest series will surely enjoy it in Fragments Of The Forgotten Past.

As it stands now, Dragon Quest VII will feature over 30 vocations (or classes). I’m sure each vocation will bring something unique to the battle system, as well as outside when exploring like healing teammates and curing certain status effects.

Aside from the 30 classes that will be evident on release, there will be all new spells and abilities to learn that are only present in the 3DS remake of Dragon Quest VII.

Speaking of spells and abilities, a new monster named the Metal Slime seeks to add skill and tactics during battles due to its high defenses. Magic won’t damage the Metal Slime, and will always render one percent of damage whether it’s physical or magic-based damage. The only type of damage that works is critical hits that exceed the one percent mark.

I do have to say that I like this method of enemy types, seeing how it doesn’t entirely force players to adjust to enemy types, but rewards those who pay attention to enemy weak points. This adds a complex spectrum that allows any weapon or spell to be used, while at the same time utilizing specific enemy exploits through certain combat maneuvers.

Dragon Quest VII: Fragments Of The Forgotten Past is set to debut on the 3DS in the West on September 16th. With that said, this now brings us to the new trailer dubbed as “Discover Tactics”. You can check out the video thanks to Nintendo‘s YouTube channel.


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