Duelyst: Guide To Learning Faction Basics, Tips And Tricks

Counterplay Games’ Duelyst is a very complex card strategy game that holds more weight than one would think. If you are looking to master this game, or learn some of the basics to get better, a list of beginner video guides are up for you to look over. Duelyst is out now for free on Steam.

Those who are new to the title, I suggest that you read over the description for the game before watching any of the posted videos below. Most games like this, or that are complex, require players to learn factions, skills and their very own play-style that fits into the game against others. You can read it below:

“The ULTIMATE collectible tactics game. Competitive head-to-head matches last between five and ten minutes, and focus on thoughtful decision-making and strategic positioning. “

“Assemble your battle deck from over 400 cards across 6 unique Factions and test your mettle against other players online in ranked season ladder and draft mode tournaments”

First, let’s look over all of the factions in Duelyst. This will span across six factions in total:


Lynor uses a lot of provoking and high health minion to focus on controlling the field. When playing as this faction, you can build up an army that can simply decimate your opponents. This faction can also use healing techniques to keep minions and Generals alive.


The Songhai are very mobile and aggressive. They offer lots of combos and synergy between spells and units (synergy as in linking and mixing combos and spells with units). This group is good when using evasive maneuvers that flank units, rather than facing them head-on.


Vetruvian are focused around using creatures with low base stats that wield special and powerful effects. This faction is good for swarming opponents, reducing their speed and attacks, while drawing lots of cards. Controlling “zones” are one of the Vetruvian’s focal points, as well as generating Dervish tokens to buff their own minions.


As Abyssian, you will excel at eliminating large threats. Replacing your giant foes with your very own small minions, this factions is more like a snow ball that you can build up for late game.


Magmar as a faction are big, slow and very powerful. This faction churns out large minions that are mighty artifacts that deal insane damage. Growing minions to take over the field, Magmar is best used to deal AOE (area-of-effect) procs, and dispel to conquer and divide.


Those who seek to play Vanar, they will need to use the battlefield and minions to block enemy advancements. This faction should be used by players who seek their opponents to be in bad positions, trapped, walled out and barred from advancing.

I know that the first two videos below are somewhat old, but I figured that Kiratze‘s guides hold some nice tips and tricks for newcomers to understand what’s going on in the world of Duelyst, as seen below.

Before signing out, another YouTuber named MegaMogwai sums up everything noted above in a three part video session. If you are new or are looking to freshen up on some things, I suggest you check out all three.

Duelyst is out now for PC, and is currently free to play over on Steam.


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