Eisenhorn: Xenos, Warhammer 40K Adventure Game Now Available

Pixel Hero Games and Games Workshop take on the Eisenhorn saga with Eisenhorn: Xenos has officially launched for both PC and iOS. The game is an adventure tale featuring the Inquisitor Xenos from the Warhammer 40K universe.

The game stars Mark Strong in the role of Gregor Eisenhorn, as it follows the Inquisitor in his adventures to protect the order of man and battle all who stand in his way.

On the outset, the game looks pretty good. The trailer below gives you a brief overview of the role of Eisenhorn and the character you’ll play throughout the adventure,

As for the actual gameplay, YouTuber Chapter Master Valrak has an hour long video featuring gameplay content of Eisenhorn based on the demo that Pixel Hero Games let loose several months ago. You can check out it out below.

The third-person action adventure game allows for melee based, hack-and-slash action, along with loot and scavenge adventuring. There’s a party system and the option to unlock new weapons and abilities from the Warhammer 40K universe.

While it all sounds fine and dandy, a lot of the early reviews for Pixel Hero’s new title aren’t the most pleasant. There are a number of reviews pointing out the game’s stiff animations, poor combat system, unintuitive controls and the fact that it plays like a mobile port.

Some of the consistent complaints are that the gameplay mechanics are crude enough to afford for very repetitive combat scenarios, and that the AI within these combat scenarios aren’t very appealing or very smart. As you can see in the video above, most times they just stand still and wait to be killed.

A lot of gamers feel as if the original Eisenhorn books tell an enriching story and they were hoping that the game could do the source material some justice. Unfortunately that doesn’t appear to be the case right now. It’s possible Pixel Hero could fix up the game, but now that it’s officially released it’s doubtful much more will come of the game other than possibly some updates or patches to tweak and improve the controls.

It sounds like the game could have used a few months in Early Access.

Anyway, you can learn more about Eisenhorn: Xenos by visiting the Steam store page. The base game is available for $19.99 but it’s currently 27% off for the first week of being on sale, so you can get it for only $14.59.


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