Ethos: It Begins Again – Dungeon Crawler MMORPG Now On Greenlight

Ethos: It Begins Again is a third person action, fantasy medieval, massive multiplayer adventure RPG, developed by Old Dead One Productions.

Ethos: It Begins Again seems to be taking inspiration from games like Vindictus and Dark Souls, to roll it all into one single game. Ethos: It Begins Again appears to have a story where the main hero was placed in some type of cryo-sleep, and upon awakening, they are tasked with traveling to ancient ruins to slay the last twelve Immortal lords of the land to lay them to rest, but if you happen to die, you will be reawaken from your cryo-sleep chamber to try again. Perpetually trapped in a cycle of kill or be killed.

The developers released a story and gameplay trailer that explains the lore a bit and showcases what the game is like. Take a look at the trailer I linked down below to see a bit of how the combat, world, and adventure system actually works.

Ethos: It Begins Again isn’t all about combat though, and will have three play styles for gamers to enjoy. The first is the adventure dungeon crawler style named above where you will hunt down and slay the immortals in an action RPG style of gameplay. The other other mode seems to be a strategic world building city management style game mode where you build up your own empire. The last game mode is a Sandbox mode where you live your life, run your own store, and socialize with your friends in the central hub.

The developers for Ethos: It Begins Again says that the game will not have any level caps, so you will continue to grow and perfect your character without any limitations, and you will even be able to perfect your combat style to create your own school of combat. I am really interested in seeing how this works and if it is simply a skill tree where you choose from a list of pre-set abilities, or if it is a more detailed combat creation system? The developers released another gameplay video showcasing more of the combat, boss battles, and dungeon running in the video down below.

The official game will launch in 2018, however you can play a bit of the pre-alpha version of the game now if you would like to get a small taste of what they have planned for the future. So for those of you that are interested in supporting Ethos: It Begins Again, you can visit their Steam Greenlight page to cast your vote to help them move on to becoming an official Steam game.

Make sure to check out their announcement post where you can also download a free preview of the game (the developers say it isn’t a real demo, and a proper demo is on its way). Last but not least, check out their official website for any additional details and information about the game.


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