Fabric, Indie Puzzle Game Set To Hit Steam On August 12th
(Last Updated On: August 6, 2016)

If you are heavy into games that revolve around blocky puzzles and manipulating your environment to traverse around, I think Torreng Labs’ Fabric might be something worth checking out. As of now, the game is set to hit Steam on August 12th.

I’m not much of a puzzle person, but I do like games that try something a bit different, kinda like Fabric. Now, one could argue that there are several games out there like Fabric that follow in Portal’s footsteps, but at least this game doesn’t center around portal hopping like some clones, and instead focuses on gravity and tile matching.

Additionally, Torreng Labs’ game offers up an empty space with plain blocks to manipulate that lead to an exit point. The player must find color coated voxel blocks that match, which the blocks can either pull the stage apart or bring it together.

Furthermore, folks will need to use their tool gun to shift the stage around, which the gun itself can only be used on specif blocks, as noted below:

“Fabric is a First Person Puzzle Game with bending and squeezing mechanic to solve the challenging puzzles and complete the glitchy voxel-based levels. Your goal is, basically, to reach the end of the level.”


“In Fabric, you will change the shape of voxel-based levels and physics with your gun. This gun allows you to bend space, squeeze the world, separate tiles from each others and bring them together.”

Moreover, this means that platforming and jumping will play an essential roll throughout one’s endeavor in Fabric. Without further ado, the official trailer sits below showing in-game footage of Fabric, thanks to Torreng Labs‘ Channel.

Graphically it isn’t the most beautiful game, but I can see that the devs wanted to go for a chunky voxel look that’s heavily dominated by bright and dull colors. To be honest, I am intrigued by some of the stage designs in the game, which are heavily focused on block exploration, but it seems like it could get repetitive quickly.

However, if the devs’ game seems interesting to you, Fabric is currently set to hit PC via Steam on August 12th. For more information on this indie project you can head on over to torrenglabs.com.

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